San Antonio to Ban Unhealthy Food and Drinks on City Property
by Tom McGregor    Tue, May 18, 2010, 08:42 am

City Sculley.jpgIf you are on the premises of the City of San Antonio municipal property, soon, you won’t be able to purchase a regular Coca-Cola or a Snickers chocolate bar from a vending machine.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, “City Manager Sheryl Sculley has declared war on sugar. Well, at least when it comes to sodas and candy bars. Sugary sodas no longer have a home in the city’s 250 beverage vending machines and unhealthy foods in the 25 snack machines in city facilities are next.”

Sculley said, “I asked the staff to remove the high-calorie soda drinks from our vending machines. I’m a fitness person and I care about our employees, and I want them to be healthy. And I think this is a very small gesture.”

The new regulation is only for vending machines, but doesn’t ban employees from consuming sugary drinks and fatty foods at work. Sculley said, “but we don’t have to promote it.”

As reported by the San Antonio Express-News, “Carmine Miller, president and CEO of the Austin-based Texas Health Institute, a public policy think tank, said she’s unaware of any other Texas municipality that’s adopted similar policies. New York City has similar rules, she added.”

Ms. Miller said, “my hat is off to a government employee saying that a government facility shouldn’t make it easy for people to be unhealthy. We know that whatever people have access to, that’s what they’re going to get when they’re in a hurry.”

She noted that making healthy items easily available is “just good policy.”

Presently, the beverage machines are filled with water, juices and diet drinks. The vending machines accessible to the public at the One Stop Center on south Alamo Street were stocked with Dasani water, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper.

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written by furrpiece , May 18, 2010

San Antonio is drowning in debt from the costs of city government and the horrendous costs of illegal aliens.

Yet, this person with the strange personal life believes it is important to dictate to city workers what snacks are available in machines?

Nanny government strikes again, and government again ignores the crisis for something it has no business dictating.

written by Fresh vending machines , December 25, 2010

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