FISH: The Dallas Sports Party Circuit
by Mike Fisher    Mon, Sep 15, 2008, 06:59 PM
Catching up on the Dallas sports party circuit, featuring Kirby Schlegel's pad, Michael Johnson's medals, Donnie Nelson's farmer hat, Dave Tippett's garage, and Timm Matthews' magazine. ...

In recent days, if you are a sports shopper, you have quite possibly planned a journey to Plano for the opening of the Mavs Fan Shop. If you are a sports pepaw, you were quite likely in the Highland Park football stands to watch the freshmen play. And cheerlead. (Grandpa Jerry Jones was, watching his cheery granddaughter.) If you are a sporty vacationer, you tangled with Hurricane Ike. (I survived. I’m back. In Dallas, and to the grindstone.) Of course, there is Eagles-Cowboys on "Monday Night Football,'' which I watch as I write.

And if you are sports person who likes to big-shot it while drinking for free?

You were recently at Kirby Schlegel’s lux condo on the 29th floor of the W Hotel (yes, Kirby lives on the entire floor) to kick around the coming debut of a new Dallas-based sports magazine, “Replay Sports Monthly.’’

Some sights, sounds and name-dropping from the scene:

*Michael Johnson, the Olympic sprinting great, good-naturedly fielded a billion of the same questions about the recent Games in Beijing. Johnson was polite about it, but I do not believe he knows very much about Michael Phelps, people. So let’s quit asking.

*Dallas Stars were everywhere. Marty Turco (looking quite slim), player-turned-exec Craig Ludwig (talking softball), team captain Brendan Morrow (looking captainish) and coach Dave Tippett, who is quite an interesting fella.

Tippett started building cars from scratch when he was a kid. Then he started building motorcycles from scratch. Then he started building houses from scratch. (Obvious line: Hey, Tippett, how about building a Stanley Cup champion?)

“I’ve got a car in my garage right now that I’m finishing up, and it’s like another job, that thing. Actually,’’ Tippett told me, laughing, “building stuff is my real job. I need this job (with the Stars) to finance that job.’’

*Donnie Nelson made an appearance. I didn’t talk too much basketball with the Mavs’ President of Utopia, except to collect a note about what a thrill it was to be with China in the Olympics.

“But,’’ Donnie said, “I am extremely glad to be back in the States. We’ve been getting things done (with the Mavs) and we’re ready to get some more things done.’’

One thing about the always-sunny Nelson: No matter how formal the event (this one could be categorized as “business-casual’’), Donnie always shows up with some country-gentleman accessory. On Thursday, he wore dress pants and a casual golf shirt. … all topped by a John Deere-type ballcap.

If they ever remake “Green Acres’’ and are looking for a Oliver Wendell Douglas, Donnie Nelson is their guy.

*Isaiah Stanback was ambling about the gathering with no apparent gimp and while I didn’t get this from him, I can say I got it from the “Isaiah Stanback camp’’: There is a belief at Valley Ranch that with the way the injury chips are falling, the young converted college QB might have a real shot at being a Cowboys’ rotation receiver real soon.

*Media humans at the gathering were led by Timm Matthews, who you will remember as a CBS11 sports anchor. Timm is working alongside Schlegel (who owns an assortment of minor-league sports franchises and has combined forces with sports agent Jordan Woy to form a company headquartered across the street from the W in Victory Park) to start up “Replay’’ magazine, set to debut this winter.

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