by Mike Fisher    Thu, Sep 4, 2008, 08:29 AM says Tony Romo’s new house is haunted – by the ghost of Quinn Buckner! Plus, we are officially now one of the 103 Greatest Sources Of NBA News In The World! (Or something like that.) While I ponder when "snowmobiles'' (as we used to call them growing up in Minnesota) turned into "snowmachines'' (as Alaskan politicians now refer to them), some notes to dunk in your morning coffee. …


ITEM: has been selected as (if we understand this correctly) one of the 103 Most Bad-Ass Basketball-Coverin’ Websites On The Planet.

Or something like that.

We totally faked our way through science classes, so the Table of Elements and whatnot is way beyond us. But we get that HardwoodParoxysm is trying to compliment listing it alongside (below?) such website luminaries such as Ball Don’t Lie, Gilbert Arenas, FanHouse and Peter Vecsey. (!)

Before anybody asks, we assume the reason isn’t listed as “element Db’’ and is instead listed as “element Mf’’ is because

a)      DetroitBadBoys earned Db honors


b)       “MF’’ is something we’ve been called by irate readers, athletes and employers since 1982.

Anyway, thanks, fellas. And congratulations to us.

ITEM: Tony Romo’s new pad in Cottonwood Valley – the one you first learned about thanks to Fish’s 75-Member Staff – is now a subject of worldwide discussion. You know, the one he paid less than $700,000, the one near the 17th green, the one with the pool and the wetbar and the five bedrooms? Well, it was the site of quite a get-together on Saturday. Lots and lots of Escalades and Tahoes parked up and down the gated-community’s drive. A house-warming party, basically, featuring a huddle-full of tight ends and offensive linemen, all unwinding before this week’s beginning of the NFL regular season.

Oh, and something else about that house just down the street from where Herschel Walker lives and where Dr. Phil used to live, Cowboys and Mavs fans: As first reported on, Romo’s new house happens to be the former residence of none other than Quinn Buckner.

Jesus no.

That means this house is haunted. This house has many hearts. Carol Ann is stuck in the TV set. Call Tangina! Tony, don’t go to the light! QUINN BUCKNER MOVED THE CEMETERY, BUT HE LEFT THE BODIES! THAT SON OF A BITCH, HE LEFT THE BODIES AND HE ONLY MOVED THE HEADSTONES!

ITEM: While we anxiously anticipate a Mavs trade (any Mavs trade!) this September, we also feel obliged to offer a quick primer on NBA September Trades.

Four years. Four Septembers. Four trades. All Dickaus.

ITEM: Jason Terry will host the 2008 Autobahn Celebrity Golf Classic, benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Jason Terry Foundation, at the TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas on September 15.

Celebrities already confirmed for the event include Terry, Jerry Stackhouse, Gary Payton, Kurt Thomas, Rocket Ismail, Corey Dillon, Desmond Howard, Nick Van Exel, Michael Irvin, DeSagana Diop, Fred Brown, Spud Webb, Kenyon Martin, Raja Bell, Rashard Lewis, Antoine Walker and many more.

The redesigned TPC Four Seasons course in Las Colinas will feature caddies and an exclusive tournament format limited to only 18 teams. Jason Terry's celebrity friends will be paired with each foursome participating. For more information about the 2008 Autobahn Celebrity Golf Tournament or the Cantina Laredo "Party Under the Stars" contact Skyler Harper at 817.905.GOLF.

ITEM: There is probably a logical explanation for the Mario Chalmers-Darrell Arthur marijuana thing at the Rookie Orientation get-together.  Like, maybe there were preparing a what-not-to-do demonstration for the rest of the class?

ITEM: Is it just me, or is the end of HBO’s “Hard Knocks’’ a good thing? I don’t know that it served as a distraction for the players. But it was sort of a distraction for the rest of us, unless we’re, like, the parents of Danny Amendola or whatever.

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written by Right Wing Republican Volunteer , September 05, 2008

I was fascinated that when security entered the room they found "at least" two women with the players.



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