by Mike Fisher    Mon, Jan 21, 2008, 09:07 am
Monday morning Cobwebs & Crumbs, presented to you only after I use a windshield scraper to get my laptop working. ...

ITEM: I remember MLK’s great speech: “I have a dream… that the Mavericks should play a Monday morning road game.’’

ITEM: Herschel Walker has multiple personalities? That would seem to make the Herschel-to-Vikings trade a little less lopsided.

ITEM: Herschel is now the answer to a trivia question: Who made up the greatest college backfield of all-time: Answer: Herschel Walker at fullback, and Herschel Walker at tailback.

ITEM: Jason Garrett’s staying. Which tells you a lot about the Cowboys. But doesn’t it also kinda say something about Baltimore?

ITEM: Will somebody please tell Joe Buck that we don’t care if HE’S cold?

ITEM: Bud Selig gets a three-year contract extension as MLB commish. Because, you know, what’s he done wrong?

ITEM: Golfweek mag puts a noose on its cover to highlight the ‘let’s lynch Tiger’ story, and then says it will “begin a dialogue.’ No, usually a black man and a rope is the END of the dialogue, sirs.

ITEM: Pacman Jones wants to come to Dallas. Somebody apparently told him about our gentlemen’s clubs.

ITEM: Before we get too caught up in the story that Pacman Jones wants to be a Cowboy, by the way, can we celebrate a guy who is trying to be the anti-Pacman?

On the field, Jason Witten had one of the finest seasons an NFL tight end has ever experienced. In the locker room, he serves as a “big brother’’ to lots of teammates. As a team spokesman, he caught my eye this week by saying wonderfully flattering things about all the assistant coaches who were coming and going.

And then there is the work he does away from the field.

Witten joins Miami's Jason Taylor, Pittsburgh's Hines Ward and Kansas City's Brian Waters as the four finalists for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. which will be announced before the kickoff for Super Bowl XLII.

Congrats, Jason. It’s almost enough to cause us to forgive your trip to Mexico.

ITEM: When we’re evaluating the season of Tony Romo, I guess we should be fair and note that he ended the year with 20 interceptions. As much as we all admire his derring-do, I don’t want us to have to be braced for a decade of Favre-like arguments centered around whether we have to take the good (TD passes) with the bad (interceptions).

Twenty interceptions is. … a lot.

ITEM: That’s the Brett Favre I know and love!

ITEM: You’re watching the NFC Championship Game, the Giants at Green Bay. And I bet you are thinking what I am thinking: ‘Man, the Cowboys, with a second chance, woulda KILLED either of these teams!’ But the Cowboys had their chance. … and scored three points total in the second half of a home playoff game. So I guess we’d better shut up.

ITEM: I love the ‘tough DFW media’ making fun of T.O. for crying. Fellas, I’ve seen y’all almost have a nervous breakdown because the press box ran out of hotdogs.

ITEM: ‘Searching For Bobby Fischer’? Check the morgue.

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