Tribute to Troy Dungan
by Sharon Adams    Wed, Nov 7, 2007, 08:14 AM
Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2007 - 11:45 a.m.
Fairmont Hotel - Gold Room                    
1717 N.Akard - Dallas                         
Presented by Jones Sound Hearing Solutions

Who has guided us through floods, tornados, hurricanes, Texas heat waves and balmy weather? Troy Dungan, that's who. We can't let Troy retire after 31 years with WFAA-TV (surely an industry record!) without saying a big THANK YOU! 


Honorary event chair, Gloria Campos, will preside, Pete Delkus will be master of ceremonies and we'll have a few musical tributes and some storytelling from current and former Channel 8 associates, including Tracy Rowlett.

Proceeds of the luncheon will go to a Troy Dungan Scholarship, administered by the Press Club of Dallas Foundation. So, gather up your friends who are Troy fans and join us in saying, "Thanks for the memories."

To kick off the holiday season, we'll also be collecting toys for Troy's favorite charity, Santa's Helpers. Please bring a new, unwrapped toy to the luncheon to brighten the smile of a needy child. And, wear your bowtie!


For information call: Liz Oliphant, 972/931-0164.  Link to the invitation.

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written by Darin Johnson , November 25, 2007

Troy was wonderful but 31 years is 10 years short of the industry record in the Metroplex. Harold Taft's first broadcast was in 1949 and his last was in 1991. Harold was and always will be "The World's Greatest Weatherman".

written by Becket Saunders , December 16, 2007

I see someone has already hit one for Harold-he of WWII and the Serious Genration. They had real work, and they performed above and beyond. I do not denegrate Mr. Dungan, a nice man who went to work every day, just as we all should.

Mr Taft was almost a child, when he was involved in the US Army and the decision for invasion of Normandy-and he was almost at the sad end of his truely superior broadcast career before I ever heard a word of his 'real' work.

He will always be missed by anyone who looked to him daily. Ask those who knew him-they always spoke of him with exceptional respect.

Someone do us a favor-either write it, or find someone to do a bio of Harold Taft. Really. It would work. Check with his son, and wife if she is till with us.

Msybr Troy could best speak 'weatherman'.

written by Sports Dave , January 10, 2008

Sorry folks, but I can't think of one news person in the history of Dallas-Fort Worth than I couldn't live without or forget.

written by john k. , February 07, 2008

He is as much of an Icon as Grant Taft was at Channel 5.

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