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'Putin Not Wearing Putin T-Shirts,' Says Pravda
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Oct 9, 2014, 01:09 AM

Pravda, a mouthpiece of the Kremlin, has disclosed that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not wear T-shirts that bear his image.

According to Pravda, "Russian President Vladimir Putin does not wear T-shirts with his own image on them, his press secretary Dmitry Peskov said, reports."

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Obama Now Blames Media for His Demise
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Oct 8, 2014, 11:52 PM

First, President Barry Obama was blaming former President George W. Bush for all his failings in the White House. Later on, Barry insisted that it was Sen Ted Cruz who should be held responsible for his unpopularity. But now, Obama is pointing his finger at the mainstream media for not cheerleading in a sufficient manner for him. 

The Daily Caller reports that, "Americans don’t understand that the economy is doing great because the press is biased against good news, President Barack Obama told a group of prosperous donors Tuesday."

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NBC News Panics over TV Ratings Collapse
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Oct 8, 2014, 10:26 PM

NBC News faces a crisis mode as its TV ratings are dropping.

According to the NY Post, "NBC is holding crisis meetings over the future of “Nightly News With Brian Williams” after rival ABC’s “World News Tonight with David Muir” scored a historic ratings win. For the week of Sept. 29, ABC’s newscast scored an across-the-board win in total viewers — 8.4 million — as well as the golden demos, adults 25 to 54 and adults aged 18 to 49. NBC’s “Nightly News” trailed with 8.2 million viewers."

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PETA to Erect Texas BBQ Chicken Holocaust Memorial
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Oct 8, 2014, 09:38 PM

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is planning to build a Texas BBQ Chicken Holocaust Memorial in Bryan, Texas to encourage Texans to refrain from eating more chicken.

The Houston Chronicle reports that, "Animal rights campaigners PETA have requested permission to install a 10-foot high roadside memorial for chickens killed when an 18-wheeler overturned in Bryan last month. Thousands of chickens were stacked up on the transporter in cages which were smashed open when it crashed September 30 at the intersection of U.S. 21 and FM 2818."

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Michelle O. Blames Obama for Female Vet Unemployment
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Oct 8, 2014, 02:10 AM

Even First Lady Michelle Obama is jumping off the President Barry Obama bandwagon. She blames her husband's economic policies for failing to provide ample jobs for female veterans.

The Daily Caller reports that, "Michelle Obama says that America is responsible for a female veteran’s unemployment. She’s been given the cover in the Oct. 14 issue of Redbook to tout the administration’s claimed support for women veterans, just three weeks before the Nov. 4 election."

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Ukraine Military KIA Casualties Could Be 8,000+
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Oct 8, 2014, 01:17 AM

Ukrainian paramilitary troops fighting against pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine are claiming that the KIA figures for the Ukrainian military actually stands at 8,000 or more, despite the Kiev government saying the KIA number is just 974 for their side.

According to Russia Insider, "In the past two weeks persistent rumors that Kiev has been hiding thousands of killed and wounded Ukrainian servicemen and ‘volunteers battalion’ casualties have forced their way into the Ukrainian press."

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Obama and His Turtle Spark Scandal
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Oct 7, 2014, 11:54 PM

President Barry Obama has a photo that depicts him standing next to his mother and a dead Hawksbill sea turtle that was plastered on his wall. However, the so-called turtle collectible is actually an endangered species. The photo shows Obama wearing his famous 'mom jeans' as well.

The Daily Caller reports that, "A circulating photograph of a young President Barack Obama and his mother appears to feature a dead endangered species that Obama vowed to protect in a presidential proclamation less than two weeks ago."

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Iraq President Talibani Seeks 'Socialist Kurdistan'
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Oct 7, 2014, 10:10 PM

Iraq President Jalal Talibani takes pride in his Kurdish roots along with his links to Marxist comrades, who intend to create a 'Socialist Kurdistan.' Marxism is widely popular with many Kurds in the Middle East.

According to the Revolutionary Internationalist Organization, "Twenty-five years ago, on August 15, 1984, the armed struggle began in the Kurdish regions of Turkey. The left-wing Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK) called for a struggle against the military dictatorship which had come to power in the coup of September 12, 1980, and against the decades-old oppression of the Kurds in Turkey. On this day, their Kurdish Liberation Forces (HRK) attacked the state institutions in the villages of Eruh and Semdinli and gave the signal for a broad guerrilla struggle in the Kurdish regions of Turkey."

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Anti-Semitism Prevails for HK's Mr. Long Hair, Leung Kwok-hung
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Oct 7, 2014, 09:40 PM

Rabid anti-semitic views engulf the Hong Kong pro-Democracy movement. Bordering on Nazi-like behaviour, Hong Kong activist, Leung Kwok-hung, dubbed Mr. Long Hair by his supporters, has burned the Israeli flag during street demonstrations.

Hong Kong Culture & News reports that, "A diverse group of concerned Hong Kongers marched today from Victoria Park to the Israeli Consulate in Admiralty demanding an end to the Israeli occupation and the current bombardment of Gaza…"

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US Debt Clock and Risk
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Sep 30, 2014, 01:03 AM

BEIJING: A Website, called,, shows real time figures of the United States of America national debt. Meanwhile, China, holds nearly 10 percent of all U.S. Treasuries. Accordingly, a sharp sell off of those bond holdings could wreak serious havoc on the global economy.

AboutNews reports that, "Foreign governments hold about 46 percent of all U.S. debt held by the public, more than $4.5 trillion. The largest foreign holder of U.S. debt is China, which owns more about $1.2 trillion in bills, notes and bonds, according to the Treasury."

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