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Top 10 Daily Business China News Alerts 04/13/2015 Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Apr 12, 2015, 10:55 pm

Monday  April 13, 2015


Stay Updated on Real China Business News at Real Time 

1.       Why Ford's Lincoln Chief Is Excited About China



Ford Motor Company  (NYSE: F  ) executives at last week's New York International Auto Show made no secret of the fact that the striking Lincoln Continental Concept was designed with the Chinese market in mind.  But why is Ford suddenly so hot to sell Lincolns in China?  The answer might surprise you. According to Lincoln President Kumar Galhotra, Ford's market research showed that the Lincoln brand is held in extremely high regard by Chinese consumers -- even though the automaker had never officially sold Lincolns in China. 



2.       Lexus plans China reveal of next ES sedan


Lexus' ES sedan is its biggest-selling car in brand's lineup for the U.S. So where is Lexus going to reveal the next generation of the ES?  China, of course.  The choice of China as the place to pull the sheet off the new car underscores again the importance of the Asian giant as rivaling the U.S. when it comes to the car market. It's especially important for luxury makers. 

1.       What do the numbers say about trouble for China’s economy?


HARI SREENIVASAN: China’s official growth rate is one of those statistics that people around the world pay close attention to. After all, it’s the second largest economy in the world.   But some question the numbers.  And Bloomberg reporter Ken Hoffman, who just returned from China, says he has plenty of anecdotal evidence that the economy there is in greater trouble than can be seen by the numbers. 



2.        Cancer surge in China prompts rise of special patient hotels 


Li Xiaohe has set herself up for the long haul in a cramped but sunny room in western Beijing, about a block from China’s most renowned cancer hospital. Her laundry dries on hangers and her husband cooks in a communal kitchen as she embarks on an 84-day programme of chemotherapy, following the removal of part of her right breast.  The youthful, soft-spoken 43-year-old, who works as a neighbourhood watch leader back home in Henan province, is living in one of the many so-called cancer hotels that dot the neighbourhood around the hospital, giving patients an affordable, cosy place to wait for appointments and undergo outpatient treatment.  



3.       China Box Office: 'Furious 7' Takes Record $8.05M in Sunday Midnight Screenings


Heavy rain and stormy conditions did not deter Chinese moviegoers from racing to see Furious 7 at midnight screenings on Sunday, with the Universal holdover taking $8.05 million.  According to the research group Entgroup, the previous record for midnight screenings was $3.38 million set by Transformers: Age of Extinction, which went on to take $321 million in box office. 



4.       Hank Paulson: Economic challenges, China - and the birds


BARRINGTON, Ill. - Hank Paulson, scanning the horizon, sees a day of financial reckoning approaching. But for China, not the United States.  The former Treasury secretary, who was at the helm of U.S. economic policy when the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression broke, says changes in American banking and government regulation since then have created a more stable system that has stronger ways to respond to the ups-and-downs of a market economy. 



5.        No Deal: Intel Can’t Sell Chips to China Over US Nuclear Fears


The US has banned Intel from selling China chips it requires to update its Tianhe-2 supercomputer - the world's largest - over concerns that it will be used for "nuclear explosive activities."  The Tianhe-2 can perform a quadrillion mathematical calculations per second and though most of the technology is domestically developed, it uses tens of thousands of Intel's Xeon and Xeon Phi processors. 


8.Hyundai Motor breaks ground for plant in China


Hyundai Motor broke ground on its new fourth plant in Changzhou, Hebei Province, last week. Hyundai Motor’s Vice Chairman Euisun Chung, Governor of Hebei Zhang Qingwei, Korean Ambassador to China Jang-soo Kim and other 600 distinguished guests were present at the ground breaking event.  Vice Chairman Chung promised to rewrite the legacy of ‘Hyundai Speed’ and ‘Hyundai Miracle’ with the Chinese partners by the construction of the plant. 



9.Investors Can Have up to 20 Trading Accounts from Apr. 13  


Chinese securities regulators are allowing investors to open up to 20 trading accounts on the A-share market starting today.  This will allow investors to transfer their accounts to other brokerage firms. Investors have only been allowed to have one trading account since 1998. 



10.  Online Medical Diagnoses Not Allowed for Individuals in China 


Chinese health regulators have issued a ban on hospitals providing online medical diagnosis.  Song Shuli is with the National Health and Family Planning Commission.  "Medical diagnoses should not be carried out on the Internet. Hospitals can offer online medical advice, but they should not make a diagnosis or give treatment."
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