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Podesta Group Masterminds China Media Global Expansion Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Apr 12, 2015, 08:49 pm

$ 1AAabbcpodesta.jpgBEIJING: When Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State, she offered USAID funding to provide the Podesta Group, a lobbying firm with close links to the Clinton Foundation, to work with the Chinese government to create a "Grand Strategy" to promote propaganda efforts and attract a larger global audience for State-owned media outlet CCTV English News, based in Beijing. Sources have informed the Dallas Blog that CCTV paid over $20 million to the Podesta Group.

USAID funneled its funding through two sources, NED (National Endowment for Democracy) and CIMA (Center for International Media Assistance). CCTV then sponsored a report published by the Podesta Group on Oct. 22, 2013, entitled: 'China's Grand Strategy for Media: CCTV's International Expansion." It was authored by Anne Nelson while endorsed by Don Podesta, director of CIMA.

In the report's forward, Don Podesta is quoted as saying that, "CIMA works to strengthen the support, raise the visibility, and improve the effectiveness of independent media development throughout the world ... An important aspect of CIMA's work is to research ways to attract additional U.S. private sector interest in and support for international development."

Nevertheless, CCTV should not be deemed an "independent" media outlet, since its operated by the Chinese government. Podesta suggested to CCTV in the report that, "in the United States the primary CCTV objective is U.S. coverage for a global audience ... CCTV is concentrating its TV efforts on expanding audiences outside China, but insiders acknowledge that few resources have been devoted to measuring international audiences."

Meanwhile, the Podesta Group touts on its Website a record of boosting human rights initiatives in Asia. A web page link is entitled, "Legitimizing an effort to promote human rights abroad."

The CCTV 'International Expansion' report is quoted as saying that, "CCTV provides additional-and largely favorable-coverage to individual countries of strategic interest to China. These include Cuba, and Chavez-era Venezuela."

Hillary Clinton's chief of staff John Podesta was featured in a May 6, 2014 CCTV America TV report, 'U.S. Climate Report Points Bleak Picture.' 

Some critics are asking questions, Why did Hillary Clinton support the China media's 'International Expansion' in 2013 with USAID funding?

To read the entire China's Grand Strategy for Media: CCTV's International Expansion,' link here:  To review USAID funding of NED, link here:  To learn more about the Podesta Group, link here:  To view a CCTV report featuring John Podesta, link here:

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written by Mark Nelson , April 14, 2015

We were sorry that you didn't bother to check the facts on this fanciful "news item." Among the factual inaccuracies are the following:
•CCTV did not fund, nor did the Podesta Group publish, the report on CCTV’s international expansion that you cite. CIMA, an initiative of the NED, published this report in October 2013.
•Neither NED nor CIMA received funding from USAID to publish this report.
•John Podesta is not quoted in CIMA’s report on CCTV. John Podesta has no affiliation with CIMA.
•Don Podesta, who was interim director of CIMA when the CCTV report was published, is not related to John Podesta.
•You may notice, in our report, our author is in fact quite critical of CCTV’s expansion. This report was meant to inform the media development community of China’s long-term investment strategy in media around the world, and allude to the possible effects of such investment in the editorial independence of news outlets.
Once these inaccuracies are corrected, you may find that this story no longer holds water.
Mark Nelson
Sr. Director for CIMA

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