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Elizabeth Warren Slams Hillary Clinton over TPP Trade Deal Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Apr 10, 2015, 12:54 am

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Ma.) is refusing to pass the peace pipe to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Warren is rebuking Hillary for not disclosing her opinion on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal.

NewsMax reports that, "Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts on Thursday said Hillary Clinton should stake out a position on a multination trade deal being finalized by the Obama administration. Warren, in an interview broadcast Thursday on CBS "This Morning," said that she should say where she stands on "all of the key issues. It's up to others to say whether they stand there as well, or if they stand in some different place."


$ 1AAabbciowarren.jpgSen. Warren is quoted as saying that, "You know we have a big debate going on right now on trade within the Democratic Party."

According to NewsMax, "Clinton, former secretary of state, U.S. senator, and first lady, is expected to become the strong frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination once she officially launches her campaign, which is expected within days.  Warren is a popular figure with progressives in the party and Clinton's position on the trade deal will be an indicator of how she will interact with key Democratic constituencies, such as organized labor."

The Clinton Foundation has received large donations from multinationals that support the TPP.

To read the entire article from NewsMax, link here:

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written by David E.H. Smith , April 12, 2015

Global Corporate Economy Conniving to Get Harmless NON Shareholders to Pay Trillion$ in Court Costs, Punitive 'Penalties', etc.?
No Treaties = Corporations/SHAREHOLDERS pay for Their Own 'Mistakes'.

IS HOLLYWOOD PART of the (TPP Global Treaty & Anti AIIB) PROCESS, or, OUT-of-the LOOP, too?
- The China Post Apr. 10, 2015, blog

It may regrettable that the simplest & most basic information & questions that can lead to a much more secure & profitable relationship between the potential signatories of the TPP & China, et al, has not been shared with Defense Secretary Carter for his humble consideration. Perhaps, he may consider answering some of the enclosed questions in order for us to get a better idea of what his understanding is of how the TPP & other Global Treaties can be vastly improved inclusively & thereby, minimize, &/or, eliminate the dangerous problems below that have led some to understand that

'What the TREATY of VERSAILLES was to the 20th century (ie. provided the basis for World War II) PALES in COMPARISON to the TPP, CETA, C-CIT, NAFTA, et al, in the 21st'.

Unless, of course, the long term economic destabilization and subsequent (secret) military weapons development & appropriations are the intent of DefSec Carter, et al, in the secret (Death-Star-Chamber) 'arrangements' of the TPP & the Global Corporate Treaties/Agreements.
But, how many 'savvy' Americans (Hollywood actors, producers, union members & fans) & their global corporate associates are 'poised' to make windfall profits from their international cross investments, 'nest-feathered' lawsuits & pre-planned treaty 'arrangements' at the direct expense of the harmless non shareholders, ie. 95% - 99% of America , et al?
While the good sales folks of Wall St. may prefer to tell their 'Enron-able' customers who were also the victims of 'The Preliminary Foray of The Wall St. Meltdown', et al, that it's just some Unions that are fighting back, how much of the Fighting Back of Unions against the Secret, Unethical & Anti-Democratic Arrangements of The Global Treaties' 'Death-Star-Chamber' Tribunals, can be understood in the context of the harmless NON Shareholders, including Union members, fighting to Survive (not 'thrive') Against the Uncaring, 'Profits at Any (body else's) Costs', SHAREHOLDERS & their Colluding, Global Corporate Leaders?
- Wall Street Journal, Mar. 25, 2015, blog

Gain a political 'Smidge', Lose ('Hidden' & Secret Costs) a Lot; The NET EFFECT. There goes Our Retirement Date & Much more...

'Fast Tracking', TPP corp. 'U.S.'s' Feeble Attempt to Avoid Court; SHAREHOLDERS & NON Shareholders Await Supreme Court's Findings to Proceed. 'But, I didn't know that that I'd have to pay for it (& somebodyelse doesn't)!'

Global Corporate Economy Conniving to Get Harmless NON Shareholders to Pay Trillion$ in Court Costs, Punitive 'Penalties', etc.?
No Treaties = Corporations/SHAREHOLDERS pay for Their Own 'Mistakes'.

How Many Preferred Shares of TPP, C-CIT, TTIP, CETA, et al, Generated Enterprises are You Selling your Right to Sue the Global Corporate Economy for? 'New' Shareholders Can Say 'NO' to & Over-Rule TPP, CETA, TTIP, et al, Plans?

Will corp.'USA' et al, & Feds to Prepay $Billions for All 'Trade' Treaty/'Arrangements', et al, Secret ('Death-Star-Chamber) Tribunals' Punitive Damages to Protect Home State's Taxpayers? Other States, Municipalities, et al, "...(we) need to control corp. USAs 'Contributions' “.

But, If Not PUTIN; 'The WHITE KNIGHT', then Who Do YOU Want to Bankroll the Saving of the harmless NON shareholders of the World from Fast Tracking TPP's, CETA's (TTIP) Secret 'Death-Star-Chamber' Tribunal Penalties?
Will China, Iran, the Muslim World, et al, Support Putin in Suits?
How about Warren Buffett, &/or, the 'coveted' Hong Kong investor, et al?

FULL Article, see;
Please consider sharing the enclosed information & questions with 10 friends who will share it with 10 others...

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