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MSM Calls Scott Walker 'Scarier' than Jihadi John Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Mar 3, 2015, 12:25 am

$ 1Aaabawalker.jpgThe Left Wing Mainstream Media is suffering yet again from 'Scott Walker Derangement Syndrome.' Shamus Cooke has written an editorial in Counter Punch arguing that Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a Republican, is more dangerous to regular Americans than the ISIL beheader, Jihadi John.

Counter Punch reports that, "Conversely, the average U.S. worker has much more to fear from Scott Walker than any knife-wielding Jihadist. For example,Scott Walker is subtly campaigning for president among the elite by bragging about his successful butchering of Wisconsin unions, a model that he and his supporters hope to spread nationally."

Shamus Cooke contends that Scott Walker is more evil than Islamist terrorists, because the Wisconsin governor is fighting corrupt Union leaders.

According to Counter Punch, "For example, Walker’s anti-union laws have reduced union membership in Wisconsin by 50 percent since he defeated the “Wisconsin Uprising” in 2011, a battle victory that the super rich consider more heroic than the campaigns of any current military general."

In the article, Shamus Cooke has disclosed that he's a member of the 'Worker's Action' social activist labor union.

To read the entire article from Counter Punch, link here:

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