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Obama to Spark UAE-backed Jihad in Ukraine Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Mar 2, 2015, 10:14 pm

$ 1Aaabahassan.jpgAllahu Akbar! President Obama is negotiated a free trade deal with the United Arab Emirates in order to ship weapons to the Ukraine.

Accordig to Sputnik News, "Ekaterina Blinova — The military deal signed this week by Ukrainian President Poroshenko and the United Arab Emirates sparks deep concerns among international experts who claim the United States has found a backdoor to secretly arm Ukraine."

Finian Cunningham, an expert on foreign affairs, is quoted as saying that, "Earlier this month it soon became clear that Washington and its NATO allies would pay a heavy political price for an audacious move to openly increase their military involvement in the Ukraine conflict."

As reported by Sputnik, "The expert emphasized that America's "normally servile European allies" expressed their disapproval of Ukraine's arming, since they knew that by indulging the US's militarist ambitions in Ukraine they would inevitably trigger a "political storm across Europe," hit by austerity, unemployment and undesirable consequences of the Western sanctions policy against Russia. Although Washington was obviously unnerved by its NATO allies' stance, it preferred not to risk embarrassing split in the NATO ranks. Instead, it seems to have found "an ingenious way around that problem" by placing the UAE at the front end of the supply chain, Finian Cunningham pointed out."

Utilizing the UAE could prompt radical Islamist militants to infiltrate into the Ukraine.

To read the entire article from Sputnik News, link here:

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