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Texans to Pay 20% Carbon Tax on Electric Bills Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Nov 17, 2014, 08:16 pm

$ 1Abasherczar.jpgPresident Barry Obama's 'War on Texas' continues. He is forcing residents from the Lone Star state to pay 20 percent or more in carbon taxes on their electric bills.  

The Houston Chronicle reports that, "The electric distribution grid operator for most of Texas said Monday that a federal mandate to slash carbon emissions nationwide would challenge power reliability in Texas and raise consumer electricity costs by as much as 20 percent as half the state's coal-fired power plants shut down."

Texas EPA Czar Warren Lasher is quoted as saying that, "Prices could rise as much as 20 percent, without accounting for the cost of investments in transmission lines and other infrastructure." 

According to the Houston Chronicle, "The state would have to invest billions in new transmission lines, and reliability might be jeopardized at peak times around cities if the plan is implemented as quickly as the federal agency has proposed, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas said in a report Monday."

Texas EPA Czar Warren Lasher is a strong supporter of higher carbon taxes for Texans.

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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written by K. D. , November 18, 2014

Obama can't stand for the U. S., much less Texas to succeed in his Socialist regime! His EPA, & all his cronies have waged their "war on Texas" from the beginning! To be able to endure his last two years will take a lot of effort & this so-call EPA Czar will be no more!

written by Larry Paxman , November 20, 2014

This carbon tax was not authorized by congress and therefore is illegal. Congress sets national taxes not regulatory agencies!

written by Rocky , October 25, 2015

President Barry Obama's just can't force Texans to Pay 20% Carbon Tax on Electric Bills. What is the basis of this? Yeah, additional taxes can helps a lot for other project but this issue must file in the supreme court. I live in Dallas and I am following this post. Thank you Tom for sharing this very valuable post to the people. |

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