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London Luxury Hotel Enforces Sharia Law on Guests Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Nov 17, 2014, 12:54 am

$ 1Abermondsey.jpgOne of London's top luxury hotels, the Bermondsey Square Hotel, has imposed sharia law on all guests. That means a hospitality fatwa has been issued, which would ban alcohol and pork 

Russia Today reports that, "London’s Bermondsey Square Hotel has suddenly banned the sale of alcohol, and reportedly pork, “in accordance with Sharia law” under the orders of its new Middle-Eastern owner."

An IT consultant, who is a regular guest at the hotel, is quoted as saying that, “When I contacted the manager to ask why, he told me that the new owner wanted it to be a Sharia law hotel. Under Sharia law, you can’t make a profit from alcohol.” 

According to RT, "The Islamic rules were imposed on the hotel on Tuesday, the Daily Mail reported. It is not just alcoholic drinks which have been banned, but also any food containing alcohol. Items such as beer-battered fish or rum ice cream cannot be served in the establishment since the new rules were implemented, the report says, citing staff members."

Nevertheless, the hotel's menu continues to boast of serving a bacon buffet breakfast every morning. 

To read the entire article from Russia Today, link here:

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written by allysonrt , November 18, 2014

Insane. This is a step to the end of times. I would bring get bacon and beer into that hotel. No one should impose sharia in the free world

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