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HillaryCare 'More Disruptive' than ObamaCare, Says Jonathan Gruber Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Nov 16, 2014, 09:51 pm

$ 1Ababygruber.jpgAs Democrat Party leaders distance themselves from MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, because he was observed on video as saying that, "Democrat voters are stupid," does not appear to be going down without a fight. He granted an exclusive interview to Hugh Hewitt, a conservative reporter, to explain that Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's 'HillaryCare' healthcare scheme would have been much more disruptive than ObamaCare.  

Townhall reports that, "Hillary isn't going to be happy with MIT's Jon Gruber, the "father of Obamacare." Especially since she is the "grandmother of Obamacare" and Gruber is confirming her maternity once-removed of the most unpopular law in three generations."

Gruber is quoted as saying that, "The original Hillarycare as proposed in the early 90s would, absolutely, would have been much more disruptive."

As reported by Townhall, "Send the former Secretary of State and future presidential candidate a copy of my new book The Happiest Life. My publisher's "pre-order for Christmas and New Year's" campaign began on radio Monday, so it is a great time to get Hillary some good cheer."

Dr. Gruber has appeared on videos where he touts more abortions for African-Americans, which would allegedly benefit the U.S. economy.

To read the entire article from Townhall, link here:

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