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Jeb Bush Supports K12 Inc. Despite Low Test Scores Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Nov 14, 2014, 08:31 pm

$ 1Acoreinc.jpgFormer Florida Governor Jeb Bush has pledged his undying support for K12 Inc. despite the for-profit education company getting mired in scandal and poor results.  

According to Tucson Weekly, "Second, K12 Inc., the for-profit, publicly traded online public school corporation which has virtual schools across the country (ours is Arizona Virtual Academy), took its second stock hit in less than a year. From a high of 37.1 in September, 2013, it plunged to 17.60 in October. It's been edging upward slowly since then, making it to 25.98 in July, but Thursday it took another plunge, to 19.42, and pretty much stayed there Friday. Investors are worried, with reason, that the corporation's growth model isn't working. Its schools have been criticized for their low student test scores. Its "churn rate" — the number of students who leave every year — is in the 30 percent range, so it resorts to high-pressure, deceptive recruitment practices to replace departing students and increase overall enrollment."

Students at K12 Inc. operated charter schools have performed poorly in standardized tests. Nevertheless, Jeb Bush continues to promote the company as a shining example of Common Core at work. 

As reported by Tucson Weekly, "The "education reform" movement won't be hurt by these two bits of bad news. Despite clear evidence that charters and private schools are no more successful than school districts in educating children (wouldn't it be nice if these folks who want to hold schools accountable were held accountable for their deceptive use of hyperbole and statistics?), the "reformers" continue to use their money and influence to declare that "government schools" are the problem and charter schools and vouchers are the answer." 

While serving as governor of Florida, Jeb Bush permitted K12 Inc. schools to operate in the Sunshine State.

To read the entire article from the Tucson Weekly, link here:

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