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Delta Airlines 'Too Ghetto' for Hillary Clinton, Says Al Sharpton Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Nov 11, 2014, 08:29 pm

$ 1Aflyersharpton.jpgRev. Al Sharpton really believes that former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is "dead broke" and she deserves to fly in supersonic private jets, since she's allegedly "American Royalty." He contends that flying first class on Delta Airlines is just "too ghetto" for the Clinton family.  

NewsBusters reports that, "Appearing on Al Sharpton's MSNBC show this evening, Witherspoon defended Hillary against an RNC email criticizing her for expensive private-jet travel billed to the campaigns of candidates for whom she made appearances.  Witherspoon generated this gem: "they're the Clintons. They're American royalty. I don't want to see them flying on domestic Delta flights in first class. I mean, they were flying on Air Force One for eight years. How do you go from that to not staying on private jets and kind of having like that luxurious travel experience?"

Rev. Al Sharpton is quoted as saying that, "We start with the Democrat who's fast becoming the hyper-focus of GOP attacks. Hillary Clinton. And now The Hill is reporting the Republican National Committee is on the offense again. The RNC has sent out an email titled "High-flying Hillary," hitting her for travel expenses for election-year campaign events, in an attempt to make the potential 2016 contender appear out of touch with voters . . .  Chris, is this just player-hating on big public figures?" 

According to NewsBusters, "I actually would have nodded in agreement if Witherspoon had justified private jets in terms of the need to accommodate Secret Service details and avoid inevitable inconvenience to other passengers on commercial flights.   But portraying Hillary as "royalty" who shouldn't have to suffer the indignity of mere first-class travel? Can you say PR disaster?!  Yes, Hillary, you've got to find room on that jet for Mr. Witherspoon  . . .  and be sure to put him out front as your spox!"

Democrat Party operatives contend that Hillary Clinton deserves royal treatment, despite her Benghazi fiasco when she served as US Secretary of State.

To read the entire article from NewsBusters, link here:

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