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GOP Establishment Get 'Ready for Leftist Jeb' Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Nov 4, 2014, 11:17 pm

$ 1Amnestyjeb.jpgNow that the Republican Party has retaken control of the Senate, limousine liberal investment bankers, country club Republicans and Tea Party haters, are getting ready to endorse and fund Jeb Bush for President campaign.  

The American Conservative reports that, "I don’t think Bush is likely to be the next Republican nominee for reasons I’ve laid out before, but it’s worth pointing out a few of the more important flaws in Halperin’s “analysis” here. According to fairly recent polling, most Floridians (53%) don’t want Jeb Bush running for president, and in a hypothetical match-up with Clinton he receives just 44% in the state where he was governor for eight years. So it’s not just fantasy to imagine Bush carrying Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio, which have all become impossible or very difficult states for Republican presidential candidates. It is also something of a stretch to assume that he could carry his own home state, which is frankly the only reason to consider him for the nomination in the first place."

Jeb Bush is a staunch supporter for Common Core education initiatives, pro-Amnesty for all illegal aliens living in the USA and even he gave Hillary Clinton an award for so-called "civility in politics." 

According to the American Conservative, "Florida is where he is known better than anywhere else and where he is supposedly well-liked. Nonetheless, most of the people there are not interested in backing his presidential bid, and that should tell us something. That tells us that there is much, much less to a Bush candidacy than meets the eye. While he may be the favorite of many donors and D.C. pundits, there is not much popular support for yet another Bush presidency, and even in Florida there is not much support for Jeb Bush’s pursuit of the presidency."

Currently, backroom deals are getting made all over the USA and elsewhere to get the GOP Establishment donors to solely support Jeb Bush for President.

To read the entire article from the American Conservative, link here:

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