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Sheila Jackson Lee 'Voice of Reason,' Says Houston Chronicle Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Nov 3, 2014, 11:31 pm

$ 1Ajackson.jpgThe Houston Chronicle claims that rabble-rousing U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D.-Tx.) stands tall as the so-called "voice of reason" in the halls of Congress. 

The Houston Chronicle reports that, "Sheila Jackson Lee's reputation for verbosity precedes her, but she has won respect through sheer force of effort because nobody works harder or cares more about helping Houston than she does. The congresswoman, seeking an 11th term representing District 18, is a stout defender of President Obama and has the attention of his staff, which she puts to good use. She told us she "makes sure every one of the president's cabinet members is working for District 18," which includes downtown and the historically black Third, Fourth and Fifth Wards."

Sheila Jackon Lee has earned notoriety for making foolish statements, such as asking a NASA official if they already planted the USA flag on the planet Mars. 

According to the Houston Chronicle, "She has obtained federal funds for projects ranging from veteran's care to improved traffic flow, intervenes on behalf of Johnson Space Center and is a voice of reason on issues ranging from light rail to Obamacare to the U.S.-Mexico border. Republican opponent Sean Seibert, 50, is that rarest of birds, a Republican moderate, but we endorse Jackson Lee, 64, for re-election."

Sheila Jackson Lee has also won the crown for "meanest member of Congress," as voted by Congressional aides.

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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Comments (12)add comment
written by Melissa , November 04, 2014

Only if by "reason" you mean to use the word "lobotomized" interchangeably. The SheJackLe has no street smarts, no cred, no common sense and no political sense. All she has is the race card. And two Vietnams, side-by-side. At least she didn't comment on Guam tipping over.

written by Right Wing , November 04, 2014

She is the dumbest person in Houston. Like really, the dumbest...

written by Steve , November 04, 2014

Hahahhaaaaahhaaa! LOL!

written by Johnny , November 04, 2014

For the love of God and country, go away Sheila. ...go away!!

written by GKS , November 04, 2014

Yep, dumb as a rock and voted meanest person in congress year after year. Treats her employees like dirt.

written by SteveC1964 , November 04, 2014

She's an idiot. She always wins the "Showhorse" Award voted on by Congressional Staffers. This year she also won "Queen Of Mean". She's being sued by an ex-employee, because Sheila verbally abused her over her disability.

written by Michael B Burke , November 04, 2014

How much did she pay the Chronicle to write that. She is the most contemptible and disliked member of congress. She once made her driver drive in circles before she left the building so she would have a ride to her apartment only a couple blocks away. Talk about waste of gas and employee time!!!

written by Jeff , November 04, 2014

And people wonder why the Houston Chronicle is in trouble...

written by james , November 04, 2014

so where is the link to the houston chronicle story

written by z mac , November 04, 2014

She also wins the crown for the biggest weave-crown!

written by Paulette Scott , November 04, 2014

Well now she doesn't just represent Houston. No she also has a weird little projectile area going straight up Aldine Westfield
that is Spring Tx 77373.
We lost our beloved Ted Poe! But now that she has won I expect, no I demand representation starting with controlling the border & sending illegals back to Mexico. Oh I have the same reputation. So let's get started Ms Sheila. I'm ready to work. Are you?

written by Paulette Scott , November 05, 2014

She may not know but she does represent some of Spring Tx 77373. How I'm not sure how we lost our beloved Ted Poe!! But since she won I'm ready to go to work with her on border control & sending illegally entered people back from where they came. If you have the Presidents ear tell him to be gracious in defeat & work with the Republicans.

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