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Tom Udall Asks UN to Shut Down New Mexico Oil & Gas Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sat, Nov 1, 2014, 09:39 pm

$ 1Afrackingudall.jpgA Leftist extremist organization called, Democracy for New Mexico which is working on behalf of Sen. Tom Udall (D.-N.M.), is demanding that the United Nations assume its global powers to shut down the oil & gas industry in New Mexico. 

Democracy for New Mexico reports that, "Observation and modeling is pointing to an irreversible transition in the southwestern USA and Northern Mexico towards a sustained, drier climate. It may have been under way since 2000. “Dustbowl” conditions are projected to become the norm for the dry season in the region. This change, unprecedented in the instrumental record, is linked to global shifts of rainfall regimes as sub-tropical dry zones over towards the poles."

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is quoted as saying that, “This Climate Change Science Compendium is a wake-up call. The time for hesitation is over. We need the world to realize, once and for all, that the time to act is now and we must work together to address this monumental challenge. This is the moral challenge of our generation.” 

According to Democracy for New Mexico, "A good place to start getting active about battling climate change is at Learn more and sign up. Also, please call Senators Bingaman and Udall and urge them to push for quick passage of an effective, comprehensive bill in the Senate. Contact the White House and do the same."

Sen. Tom Udall supports UN carbon taxes along with a nationwide ban on fracking.

To read the entire article from Democracy for New Mexico, link here:

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