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I Follow God’s Law Exactly as Written in the Bible! Print E-mail
by James Reza    Fri, Oct 31, 2014, 01:01 pm

           My friends, I was born into a Catholic family.  Though my parents were not devout Catholics, all of that changed when mom nearly died of TB back in the 50s and suddenly my parents started to attend church regularly and soon thereafter got married by the church.

            Luckily for me, mom sent my sister (Cecilia) and me to San Jose Catholic School, which had a predominately Hispanic student body and where the Sisters of St. Mary of Numur gave us Hispanic students not only a good education in regular school subjects but also taught us our Catholic faith well.

            At San Jose Catholic Church, our pastor, Father Louis Dot, of the Claretian Order recruited me, a sort of bright kid to be an altar boy, a church chore I soon learned to love for several reasons. The main one was that Father Dot paid me a nickel for each weekday mass and a quarter for each Sunday mass. Father Dot, a hard working missionary founded 3 parishes in the Hispanic communities in Fort Worth and would thus have me not only serve mass at San Jose, but would take me along to the other small missions to serve mass.  I recall Father Dot giving me 1.50 every Sunday after helping him serve weekday and Sunday masses.  Needless to say I was a high roller kid!

            As I grew into a teen and then went to public school I never quit going to mass on Sunday’s and on Holy Days of obligation. Though I have my faults like most of us do, I always tried to do as the nuns taught us about attending church and trying to follow God’s commandments, which I regret breaking many times.

            After I graduated from high school and made good money building mobile homes, I soon became a big party animal!  Man, how I loved drinking with my buddies and dancing the night away at local night clubs and dance halls.  I recall waking up on Sunday mornings with a huge headache from partying and drinking and how bad I wanted to stay in bed. However, I could hear Sister Lawrencia whispering in my ear, “James, it is Sunday and you need to go to church!”  So folks, tired and with a big hangover I’d get up and go to mass!

            In 1960 after partying, having a great time with my girl friend of 2 years I asked her to marry me and she accepted and we got married at All Saints Catholic Church.  This coming year, January 16, 2015, my wife and I will celebrate 55 years of marriage!  Wow, how did she ever put up with me I now ask?  Have I been a perfect husband and good father to my 3 kids? Yes and no is my answer. Again, I’m well aware of what is right and wrong according to the teachings of my Catholic faith and what is expected of me according to God’s laws as written in the Bible.  But I know I’m a sinner and I daily pray to God to forgive me and as the Lord’s Prayer so plainly states, “deliver us from evil”.

            Where are you taking us with this James some of you might wonder.  Folks though knowing God’s laws fairly well, I never try to cast stones at others for their misdeeds and so, I keep my opinions to myself about what others do good or bad and I let others judge me as they see fit without trying to portray I’m holier than thou because I happened to go to church.

            A few weeks ago, as I left my bank I tried to open my car and for some reason I couldn’t.  All the while a black gentleman keep looking at me.  Finally the man said, “Sir, that’s my car! Why are you trying to open it?” I then realized that my car was parked next to his and they were almost identical.  I asked him to excuse me and that I should have noticed that his car didn’t have a rosary my mom gave me that hangs in my rear view mirror. Laughing he asked me, “Are you a Christian?”  I responded that I was.  He then asked me if I was a devout Christian and followed God’s laws to the letter.  I told him I knew God’s laws very well but sadly I was a sinner and many times I broke them but always asked Him to forgive me. He then told me he knew God’s laws backward and forward and he followed them to the letter as written in the Bible.  I told him, “Good for you sir, you will be rewarded by God one of these days for following His laws without question, nor swayed by the evil that lurks in this world.”  I then asked him, “Sir do you believe in abortion?”  “No! No!” he responded in a loud voice “that is against God’s 6th commandment, Thou shall not kill!”  I then asked him, “sir do you believe in a same sex marriage?”  Again the black gentleman responded vehemently, “No! No! No!  God detests those sins and their blood with be on their own heads as so written in the Bible!” I then asked him, “Sir, are you a Democrat and did you vote for Obama?”  Proudly he responded, “Yes sir I did twice!”  I then told him, “sir the party you support the Democrats and President Obama wholeheartedly support abortion and same sex marriage! And sir, did you know that annually, over 300,000 black babies are aborted in our country yearly and black women have the highest rate of abortion!”  I then told the black gentleman that since Roe v Wade in 1973, 16 million black babies have been aborted far larger than any other ethnic group and though some Republicans are Pro Choice most Democrats by and large support abortion on demand.  I ended my conversation with the gentleman by telling him, “Sir, you are a hypocrite, you claim you follow God’s laws but sadly like me, you and I are big time sinners.  You sir, remind me of a Jew who would have voted for Hitler!”  With those parting words, the black gentleman lowered his head , got in his car and drove away.

            My friends, I didn’t instigate that conversation nor, did I ever proclaim to the gentleman that I was a true Christian as he insisted that he was!


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written by Kyle , October 31, 2014

File this under "Things that $100% happened."

written by racerx , November 05, 2014

Judge not lest ye be judge, eh? Good Catholics like you are a blight, keeping such a corrupt organization going even after they rape children and hide the rapists from the SECULAR law. Your "pro-life" God ordered genocide, and still allows millions of "people" to die every year as natural miscarriages occur. Millions more "people" exist in frozen vials at fertility clinics, but never do you try to save them from that fate. Meanwhile gay people, who merely want to have a family life true to their love for each other, are discriminated against. Jesus himself never said a word about your two biggest issues, but he did decry hypocrites like you, and warned them that they were clean on the outside, and not within. Love your fellow man, and be glad to serve them rather than enslave them as your church has for centuries.

written by Gay Man in Texas , November 10, 2014

Unsubscribe me from this complete show of insecurity pathetically passed as morals, ethics and regret. You sir can live your life believing what you want to believe, but know that others (myself included) think you are a loser nonetheless.

written by Charlie Alvarado , January 03, 2015

James really doesn't care about gays and abortion. He just blames everything on the president and party he hates. He knows abortion rights have been in the books since 1973. Who has run our country since then. How many Republican presidents have we had since then? How many Republican congressmen have been caught in rest rooms trying to perform gay activities?
If he really believed in the bible, he would stop the abuses done to the poor.
He hates abortion; then he approves of cutting aid to the poor and education.
Judges have ruled that same sex marriages are legal.
If you don't agree with the constitution, you must change (amend) it. But we have gone through this many times before. It's just that James doesn't agree with equal rights for all. I just happened to run across this article and wanted to let James know that he's still wrong.

written by jiveman1 , January 06, 2015

My response was not posted. I just want to say, that as always, "What a bunch of round lunch meat

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