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Ebola Does Dallas Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Sep 29, 2014, 09:37 PM

Dallas, known as the 'Big D,' is now on 'High Ebola Alert,' as a patient in a local-area hospital is suspected of succumbing to the deadly virus.

The Houston Chronicle reports that, "A patient in a Dallas hospital is showing signs of the Ebola virus and is being kept in strict isolation with test results pending, hospital officials said Monday."

President Barry Obama has deployed over 3,000 U.S. military personnel to the West Africa region that has been stricken by the spread of ebola. It's possible, a soldier may already have ebola and has returned to Dallas.

According to the Houston Chronicle, "Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas said in a statement Monday that the patient's symptoms and recent travel indicated a case of Ebola, the virus that has killed more than 3,000 people across West Africa and infected a handful of Americans who have traveled to that region."

Obama's 'War on Texas' continues.

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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written by Gunther , September 30, 2014

This patient went to the right place, although it may have been better to go to Baylor. But thank God, this patient didn't go to Parkland where they have so many patient safety, sanitation, and infectious disease control problems. Had this person gone to Parkland, all of Texas would have be to locked down and quarantined, much like Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

written by bobby , October 02, 2014

What a total screw up by the hospital-- now we may need a lock down!

written by Brenda , October 13, 2014

Why isn't the CDC and the hospitals quarantining these individuals. My mom grew up with many diseases before a time when there were vaccinations and she said she remembers when they quarantined whole households for scarlet fever. If we have no cure for these viruses like EBOLI and enterovirus perhaps we should consider quarantine facilities for all individuals exposed until the incubation period is over. Obviously what is currently being done is not working AND it is deadly so aren't they actually being negligent not to do so?

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