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N Korea Calls Ferguson, 'Human Rights Graveyard' Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Aug 26, 2014, 10:59 PM

Apparently, North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and President Barry Obama can agree on at least one thing in this world. The Stalinist regime of North Korea has declared Ferguson, Mo., a "human rights graveyard." Obama holds similar sentiments with Pyongyang on this matter. 

According to Channel NewsAsia, "North Korea has joined the ranks of America's foes who have seized on riots in Missouri, saying the nation is the "graveyard of human rights" and should mind its own business rather than criticise others."

Kim Jong-un is quoted as saying that, "It should not seek solutions to its problems in suppressing demonstrators, but bring to light the real picture of the American society, a graveyard of human rights, and have a correct understanding of what genuine human rights are like and how they should be guaranteed."

As reported by Channel NewsAsia, "The police shooting of an unarmed black teenager and subsequent crackdown on protesters in the Midwestern town of Ferguson has also given China, Iran and Russia ammunition to sound off about America's flaws. North Korea, which is regularly condemned by Washington and others over allegations of gross human rights abuses, said the US had no right to pass judgement on others."

The North Korean regime is responsible for murdering millions of its own citizens to propagate Marxist ideology.

To read the entire article from Channel NewsAsia, link here:

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