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Suspicions Mount for Kiev and Malaysian Air Crash Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Jul 22, 2014, 05:00 AM

The Ukrainian government of Kiev faces growing suspicions over its involvement of the Malaysian Airlines crash over Eastern Ukraine last week. Kiev officials released audio tapes last weekend, which allegedly proved that Moscow officials were coordinating with pro-Russian separatists to shoot down planes. However, the tapes appear to have been edited one day before the fatal crash occured that killed 298 innocent passengers on board.

According to Pakistan Defence, "In a devastating twist to emerge over the weekend it now seems that the Malaysian civilian airliner downed over Ukraine was most probably brought down as a result of sabotage by the US-backed Kiev regime. The purpose of this audacious act of mass murder – in which 298 lives were lost – was carried out with the intention of framing the Russian government. Washington, the chief sponsor of the Kiev regime, must have known about the plot, if not being fully complicit in it."


In an ironic twist of fate, the Dallas Blog posted a story two days before the plane crash, which informed readers that President Barry Obama enjoyed a penchant for posting "fake victim blogs" as an internet troll.

As reported by Pakistan Defence, "The key to this dramatic twist is the identification of incriminating audio tapes over the weekend as fake – tapes that were created initially to implicate Moscow, as part of a massive black operation involving the destruction of the civilian airliner and all those onboard. Within hours of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crashing into a wheat field in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine last Thursday, Western governments and media have gradually stoked a frenzy of accusations that Moscow had a hand in the disaster."

Obama has a long and storied history of pulling out his 'Victim Card' to boost his global image.

To read the entire article from Pakistan Defence, link here:  To learn more about Obama's 'fake victim blogs,' link here:

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