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UN Provides Polygamy Benefits for Staff Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Jul 21, 2014, 08:40 pm

The United Nations not only offers diplomatic immunity for same sex spouses of staff, but the global organization also provides financial rewards for polygamists.

According to the UN Post, "For instance, take the UN Declaration of Human Rights, CEDAW and the public stand of the UN which condemns polygamy and considers it an attack on the dignity and human rights of women, as well as a harmful practice in UN human rights standards; where millions of dollars have been spent by the UN and its specialized agencies on programmes and campaigns to alleviate and stop this practice, yet UN senior staff at the highest levels practice polygamy, and the organization pays benefits for polygamist staff families and awards these staff. Worst of all is the conflict between the organization declarations and statements and its own practices."


The UNFP also faces allegations that it funds coercive abortions in China.

As reported by the UN Post, "For example, UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, has been led by Ms. Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, its Executive Director, for a decade. Ms. Obaid is a practicing polygamist since mid 1990s, when she was, married during her employment with the UN, to a man who was still married to his first wife when Ms. Obaid knowingly married him. Bearing in mind that Ms. Obaid’s religion, Islam, legitimizes such practice under specific conditions. However, Ms. Obaid concealed her polygamous marriage, a material fact, from her employers and the world to acquire greater positions in the UN system, to become an Under Secretary General (USG) and UNFPA’s Executive Director in the year 2001 until 2010. During this period she audaciously claimed to champion women’s issues, demanding gender equality and equity of governments and women themselves, while living her secret polygamous life."

The UN appears to be "United for Polygamy."

To read the entire article from the UN Post, link here:

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written by Mr. Humanitarian , July 21, 2014

What is more shocking is how the UN is supplying Hamas with rockets to bomb Israel! As reported today!

Hamas rockets found hidden in United Nations school in Gaza
Canada Free Press
About 20 rockets suspected of being stashed by Islamist terrorists in Gaza were discovered inside of a United Nations-run school located in the Gaza ...

written by K. D. , July 22, 2014

Has the world gone crazy?...The US funds these idiots & we are BROKE! We need to get out of the UN....they hate us & prove it by their votes!

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