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New Website Unblocks Google Censored Links Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Jul 16, 2014, 10:08 PM

The European Union (EU) forced Google to delete the names of Europeans, who sought to delete their scandalous history on the Google search engine. However, a new Website, based in New Jersey, is re-posting those deleted links.

Russia Today reports that, "A subversive website has been launched to keep track of news and other webpages Google has “censored” from the search engine’s index, following the European Court of Justice’s controversial Right to be Forgotten ruling. The tech giant has reportedly been inundated with 70,000 requests to remove sensitive information from its search results in the aftermath of the ECJ’s decision. While this data may be accurate, it is considered “irrelevant” and possibly defamatory under the EU policy shift."

The Website appears to be effective. Let's say you log on to the Website in question, you will see a list of names and links, such as Gregory Sims. By clicking on the Daily Mail article, you discover that Mr. Sim got arrested for engaging in sexual relations on a so-called Virgin bullet train.

According to Russia Today, "In a mark of protest against online censorship, a new site ‘Hidden From Google’ has begun archiving links censored by search engines intent on complying with ECJ demands. The site was set up by US web developer and transparency advocate, Afaq Tariq. The New Jersey developer asserts the removal of links from a search engine’s index amounts to censorship. So in an effort to preserve transparency in Europe’s online realm, he invites visitors to log data that has been removed from Google on the site."

The new Website is requesting viewers to submit deleted links from the Google search engine, so they can post them for everyone to see.

To read the entire article from Russia Today, link here:  To view the Hidden From Google Website, link here:  To learn more about Gregory Sim's hanky panky on bullet train, link here:

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