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President Obama, Time to Hold Yourself Accountable? Print E-mail
by AJ Warrior    Wed, Jul 16, 2014, 08:02 PM

Commentary Series by AJ Warrior, an Hispanic woman commentator

The current administration in the White House has managed to create a new voter. The current administration has managed to create more poverty. The current administration believes in ENTITLEMENT and ignores common sense and human nature. The current administration feeds off negativity and the mindless solutions that get implemented are destroying the United States of America, which was built FOR THE PEOPLE ... BY THE PEOPLE.

Mr. Obama, start taking accountability for your debauched ideas rather than broadcasting and blaming the failures of your administration on the BRANCHES of our federal government. Those branches are in place to ensure that the AMERICAN PEOPLE do not have to pay for the incompetence of one man such as yourself. You are the one who campaigned ... not THE BRANCHES. Moreover, in many speeches that you have delivered to the American People you made promises to all American people. However, the only people that you have been able to keep happy would be your Democrat Party and you.

You passed the Obamacare bill without reading what all that it would encompass and now Americans are paying the price ... with their money and lives. Take accountability for your ‘Executive Orders,’ Mr. Obama. YOU passed the DREAM ACT for 300,000 illegal immigrants only so they could vote for the Democrat Party … over the interests of the people for whom you are supposed to represent. Take accountability for the release of terrorists from Gitmo, Mr. Obama. Benghazi was on your watch and it is believed that when you campaigned ... both you and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had preached about how you would be there for them to take that 3 a.m. phone call. But, guess what? History has shown that both you and Hillary went M.I.A amidst a grave national security crisis. As a result, innocent Americans died on your watch. Does that even bother you, Mr. Obama?

When you were debating former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney during your re-election bid for the White House in 2012 you spoke about Benghazi and you stated that the Buck Stops with the President, then later you contradicted yourself by blaming Congress instead. This is not unusual for you or your New Socialist-led Party. Accountability and Socialism do not categorically coincide with each other. The sad thing is that you have revealed your Socialistic nature during the remaining years of your abysmal administration.

Mr. Obama, not all American people are blind to your motives. It is clear to many that you and your NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY (realistically the NEW SOCIALIST PARTY), were under the impression that you could continue to make false claims in your speeches and that the American People would continue to believe your falsehoods. Guess what? Truly educated Americans do not believe a word you say! The American People were created through action, positive action.

Your past speeches have implied that you would ‘bring peace to the Middle East.’ However, the Middle East was already heading in the right track before you took over the reins of power in the White House. Now, we have Israel under attack … Russia seizing territories … and illegal immigrants invading the United States of America. To date, your words have done nothing to alleviate these problems.

It is true that the American People will be voting again in November 2014. Unfortunately, when you and your socialist party continue to hold on to power, there will still be poverty for the poor… wars in the Middle East, and all other negativity that you will have come and dropped on America’s doorstep while you enjoy preparing for your retirement … unless you have misappropriated your retirement fund just like you did with America’s funds.

Mr. Obama, perhaps the next time you take one of your elaborate vacations, ON THE PEOPLE’s dime, you will remember that you are supposed to be working ‘FOR THE PEOPLE’… not joining your administration, as "PREDATORS OF THE POOR." The poor, whom you have done nothing but enable them into deeper poverty, crime and alienation, which is evident as 49% of the AMERICAN POPULATION have gone on welfare.

Mr. Obama, can you see the poor results of your administration, and your constant childlike antics as causing tremendous harm? Do you really believe your own words when you are blaming others for your failures? Do you believe that anyone with the ability to have a logical thought would be listening?

Mr. Obama, the American People have realized that you have never held an actual job prior to becoming President. Perhaps this is where your confusion over the cry for your dismissal stems from. You see, in American business when you fail to honor the duties for which you were hired for, you get dismissed. So please do yourself a favor, Mr. Obama and take your socialist agenda to Canada … where Socialism is acceptable; because as far as the AMERICAN PEOPLE are concerned, YOU ARE FIRED!

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