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Elderly Maoists Forget Cultural Revolution Horrors Print E-mail
by Andy Hu    Mon, Jul 7, 2014, 11:58 PM

Commentary Series by Andy Hu, Xiamen University School of Journalism student

XIAMEN, CHINA:  There are always some people honoring the era of Culture Revolution, and even beautify their experiences of "passion years" again and again, deluding their youth. If someone is willing to face the "Culture Revolution", confess their sins, and expose the truth, perhaps young people would get sober-minded. Confession, however, as the "Culture Revolution" the voice is very faint, is often overwhelmed with cries of “Innocence."

Only in the early 1980 s when "scar literature" almost become a literary theme, there existed an uncompleted reflection but far away from confession. Soon the "scar literature" were exposed, and so did reflection. Then a set of books "History Here Meditation" reflected on the "Culture Revolution", soon fell into silence in the face of the painful history without deep introspection. The following is a diffuse "nostalgia" up to now often with a romantic some tears and laughter the signs of Holocaust" nearly wiped out. Even someone deems it as the “passion years,” which has inspired many unexperienced young people’s passionate for that.

In that cruel era, "expose", "critical", "off", "death" and "dictatorship" has created the banality of evil everywhere, Stirring up evil thoughts, made everyone live in terror and shocks. It is profound uneasiness.

In the wake of "Scar literature", the real "Culture Revolution" drifted away. I never experienced that, let alone any profound feeling from it. At an early age, however, I had the fear of "political struggle". The Hunger is the lingering shadow. But all of this has become a joke of the "Culture Revolution" experienced people. They lough when it comes to how they threatened the landlord, ordered them into the “penal farm”. They treasures little red book and show off From time to time. Hope that people consciously to repent? They take it as his glory.

Those nostalgic for the "Culture Revolution" thought is not only rigid, but also stagnation. They will get the "Culture Revolution" as the reference whatever the current social problems happen. In their view, the "Culture Revolution" is a panacea. Now whatever the problem is would be solved in the "Culture Revolution". Stick to the great proletarian Culture Revolution and no problems any more. For their loved ones suffered in the "Culture Revolution." Some people blame for "faction", Others asserts that the victim "insensible" To sum up, the "Culture Revolution" is a great honor The biggest success is thoroughly brain washing.

Sometimes I feel pity for the "Culture Revolution" antediluvian survivals, the little sin they made compared with the disaster of "Culture Revolution" was just a drop in the bucket. Although as a whole is also surging. But in comparison, those creating unjust case dare not to confess, we do not need to be too strict to them. Little apology was received when someone was rehabilitee. Many people don't think he has the wrong because a lot of things are committed in the name of the organization. "Reflection" "reflection" is highly ambiguous. So, to discover the truth of the "Culture Revolution” is still very difficult.

The truth of the "Culture Revolution" was forgotten, and surely it shouldn’t be honored. Therefore, it is necessary to dig deeper into the real and cruel "Culture Revolution" to wake up the people.

To read the entire article from Liberty Post, link here: 

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