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Chinese 'Primadonna' CCTV News Anchor, Chaijing Print E-mail
by Tracy Zhang    Mon, Jul 7, 2014, 11:14 PM

Commentary Series by Tracy Zhang, Xiamen University School of Journalism student

XIAMEN, CHINA:  Chaijin is a famous investigative journalist and anchor of CCTV in China. Once she and some journalists of other medias showed up in a news release conference. Dramatically, when other journalists saw her, they all rushed to her to interview her. In 2013, she published a book recording about her career as journalist. Now she is 38 years old and married a artist.

In fact, she is not generally accepted by chinese. One reasons would be that she gave birth to a baby in the United States, that means the baby will have a U.S citizenship.

I interviewed someone how about Chaijin gaving bith to a baby in America.There are some different ideas. Miss Shao said she dosen't mind that, because it is her personal choice. Others have no right to interfere.But Mr Yang said:" she showed that she loves her country! But she let her kid be American. She does not do what she said. It is ridiculous.”

I also asked them about how do the think of Chaijin's show and book. Miss shao said she likes her book and last year she read it. The article about SARS in 2003 impresse her. It is moving. She admires her physical courage. Another woman Miss Chou said she likes both her TV show and book, because they foucous on spotlight of society with differen angles. What impresse her was the event of the girl who abuse cats. Chaijin did not just blame the girl. She tried to understand her. That is what our society needs. But Mr Chou had the opposite opinion. He said "I really dislike her. She always wears her scarf and long skirts. She is a journalist, not an actress, and her expression looks weird. She just perform on camera.”

As you can see, she is really controversial. The people who like her regard her as an idol. The people who dislike her abuse her on the internet. But in my opinion, she is a good jourlist. With a bright personality. She is sensitive. She has her own dressing style. But we should not judge a person by her appearance. Although she looks like the girl next door, as a investgative journalist, she dare to fight against evil. She exposed a mining event. She may face revenge, but she made society concern about struggling people. When SARS broken out in 2003, she was the first to interview patience and doctors with in close range that risking her life. She is compassionate. When she intervied, a boy burst into tears, she drop to her knees to help the boy wipe his tears. On the other hand, nobody is perfect. We could not foucous on her shortcomings and ignore her strong points.

To read the entire article from Liberty Post, link here:

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