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Chinese Cafes Cash in on Late Night World Cup Print E-mail
by Sara Tongu    Mon, Jul 7, 2014, 10:31 PM

Commentary Series by Sara Tongu, Xiamen University School of Journalism student

XIAMEN, CHINA:  Although China’s soccer team is absent from the World Cup - a great show of football. Chinese soccer fans also show their extreme enthusiasm for the Football Carnival. Numerous fans are willing to sacrifice their sleep-usually from midnight to 8am in the morning to cheer their favorable teams. Not before long, students in Xiamen University have been welcomed a wonderful chance to sit together to watch a live telecast. The café shops around their dormitory, for example, the Bashe café posted a big poster claiming they will provide a special service for students to watch in the café shop through the whole night if there are football matches on that day. The only condition would be that the students must pay 20 RMB ($3.00 US) each night.

It is really smart to attract more students to spend their money in the café shop. Students go there to pursue an exciting atmosphere which is created since many people gather together to comment, cheer, and sometimes drink beers with fans along side. Ye Congwen, one fan said many students go there and when he went there for the first time, he could hardly find a seat. However, it seemed that he didn’t enjoy the atmosphere there. He said it was too crowded there and most people went there just for fun and talked rudely when some teams lost the match. He also mentioned that many students joined in an gambling over the result of each match causing a bad atmosphere when watching the live telecast. In fact, more people don’t care about the environment at all. They just find an opportunity to play with friends, which means that those who accompany them does really matters. Guo Keyan, another soccer fan who insisted he was a fake fan told me that he was intended to meet friends, the World Cup was only an excuse.

The merchant sets money as goal and the students are willing to pay for such an entertaining service. The deal seems to be fair. However, some students reflect that the rule is compelling, 20 RMB per person is obviously a little expensive. The drinks the Bashe café gives are only 3 RMB in the store. “the number of people watching the live telecast has been decreasing.” The owner of the Bashe café revealed. “At first, the profits during the midnight hours account for 65% of the gross profit. But recently it has dropped to 56%.” The owner added. As Ye said before, “it isn’t worthy to spend the money on that. We can watch it in their dormitory as well. “

The event did cause an upsurge for a period of time. But after the feeling of freshness pass away, and nothing left. We cannot get involved into such meaningless carnivals easily. It is necessary to develop our wisdom to figure out the essence of similar events. All is driven by money and we are all played by money. Of course, we can cheer for the World Cup, but not in this way, we are dying to admire entertainment and forget how to appreciate things we are crazy about in the purest way. Do not make excuses for our fickleness. The world is getting more exaggerated, slaved by money. We need to pour the cold water to our brain to think about what we have down soberly instead of following the large majority blindly.

To read the entire article from Liberty Post, link here:


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