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Most Popular Chinese Mag Stays on Top for Many Years Print E-mail
by Linda Wang    Mon, Jul 7, 2014, 10:14 PM

Commentary Series by Linda Wang, Xiamen University School of Journalism student

XIAMEN, CHINA:  Readers is one of China's comprehensive most literature digests, which has a circulation of about 7.5 million per month, ranking first for a continuous twelve-year in China.

Readers was first published in January 1981 in Gansu province, fortnightly. The launch followed the example of the US Readers's Digest. Although compared with Readers's Digest that started in 1922, the Chinese version is much younger and the development of the magazine is astonishing. During 30 years growth, Readers has received much praise as a Chinese mind reader.

There are different kinds of articles in each journal, including literature, figures, society, life, civilization, poems, comment, art, history, jokes and comics. Most articles have been extracted from the Internet, books, newspapers and other magazines.

There is little doubt that numerous intellectuals in China read it. It suits all kinds of people from teenage middles school students to middle aged workers. Particularly in school, most Chinese teachers recommend it to students. And it is not unusual to see that the exams in China are fond of using reading passages from Readers.

I have been reading this magazine for about seven years, almost every journal, accompanied me every night before I went to sleep. Yet it is strange that most college students don't read this magazine any more, they regard it as a middle school book. For college students, they prefer to read more books in the library instead of journals, since numerous journals in the library are quite academic and boring. Girls like to read more fashion magazine than literature books.

Nevertheless Readers is good to read in our spare time to relax and raise our spirits.

Recently a small article made quite an impression. It was written by Mo Yan, who won Nobel Prize for literature, 2012, called There is always some good luck around you in life. He tells us that in this world exists both people who you like and people who don’t like you. No matter how excellent you and the others are, your existence is reasonable. Do not care too much about how others think about you, it is exhausting to win everyone’s recognition on purpose. Being happy and yourself should come first. It is such a warm and encouraging passage. Sentences are plain with simple words. It seems acts like Mo like an elder gentleman telling us to remain optimistic about life.

These days people get addicted to electronic devices, and social networks couldn’t be more popular, weibo, we chat and so on. Especially for the big city worker, bearing heavy life burdens daily. People complain they have no time to read a whole book. Therefore, reading short essays may be a proper solution and no doubt Readers can be the best one. Imagine that after hard day’s work, you can lie on the sofa and read some stories, such as There is always some good luck around you in life, absolutely you can be spiritual again tomorrow.

Also, there are some other stories that reflect the indecent side of society. In the figure story part, it tells some common people living in bad conditions and still struggling for lives very hard, including the first half June which talked about Liu Min, who is a widow mother of two daughters, raised her daughters through all kinds of hardships. And in the society part, it shows us an embarrassing situation in Beijing for those who return from overseas hoping to make a big fortune in the nation.

People always said that the economy of China is booming yet on the contrary, the culture market is making slow progress, which shows a must for the people to brush up anytime they want to. So has reading Readers to understand China is stongly recommended.

To read the entire article from Liberty Post, link here:

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