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Chinese Universities Must Focus on Real Jobs Training Print E-mail
by Field Tan    Mon, Jul 7, 2014, 09:56 PM

Commentary Series by Field Tan, Xiamen School of Journalism student

XIAMEN, CHINA:  A research study published last year showed that the rate of employment of college students graduating in 2013 is 71.9%. This is lower than ever before.

At this time of year, many students struggle to find jobs. Universities have sent out 7270000 graduates to society this year. However, employment for them remains unsatisfied. Employment has been a big problem for university for such a long time.

Chang Qiang, a student majoring in economics in Xiamen University, said “I am studying economics, it seems that the major is very good as its admission’s line is higher. But every years there are so many students graduating from this major while there are not enough opportunities. So I worry about that.”

Recently, some majors have become very popular and many schools offered these courses blindly. Students choose these majors and study them but they belatedly discovered a number of problem. These majors, such as economics, create so many graduates that there are not enough job opportunities. Accordingly, many students have to find jobs which don’t match their majors.

Another problem is that some courses in the university are not all useful while graduates face job problems. A teacher of College of Humanities said that 95% of the knowledge learned in the class of a university is useless and only 5% can be used in their future careers. He teaches history and he said that many students would not work in the history field. In China, it is quite a problem that students can’t learn from practice. It’s similar to teaching style in middle school in China, universities also focus too much on textbooks.

University students don’t have enough chances to practice and obtain enough skills for their future jobs. Theory is important but job needs practice and skills, not just theory.

To solve these problems, there are some matters for universities in China move forward on.

The first is to make adjustments to the majors offered in university. Some popular majors should be cut a little and some technical professions should be added. Some universities should take students’ future into consideration instead of just thinking about the benefits and popularity. The number of the students and majors should be in line with the needs of the society. Chang Qiang said that he even wants to learn journalism and get hired as a reporter for a newspaper. Therefore, public opinion should also be persuaded on necessary education reforms. After the College Entrance Examination, many students would refer to some media reports which often convey important information. Usually some majors become very popular because of that. More and more people care about these majors and students have chosen them blindly. So public opinion should convey correct information and give a more appropriate guide.

Also , universities should offer different courses that students are interested in. A school thinking about students’ interest would be school that students like most. Schools, especially universities, are supposed to help students develop well and prepare them for the future.

On the other side, courses should be adjusted. It’s essential for courses not just to convey information, but to provide technical vocational skills as well. Teachers should change away from their traditional teaching methods. Just focusing on textbooks would not be sufficient for students. Teachers right now just tell students to remember fact from the textbooks to score well in exams. Teachers should invite some people who are excellent in their careers to the class so they can pass on their useful skills and experiences for the students.

Take journalism as an example, practice is very important and hearing experiences of these excellent people in journalism would benefit students effectively. Practice is more important than taking an exam. Universities are supposed to offer more practice opportunities. Therefore, students have requested more job practice, they can say “I can do it” at future job interviews.

To read the entire article on Liberty Post, link here:


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