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Awful Chinese Movie; The Break Up Guru Print E-mail
by Emma Wu    Mon, Jul 7, 2014, 09:46 PM

Commentary Series by Emma Emma Wu, Xiamen University School of Journalism student

XIAMEN, CHINA:  Recently a new movie has been released in China. The movie is called The Breakup Guru, with famous actors, Deng Chao and Yang Mi, acting in leading roles for the comedy film.

The actors proclaim the movie through their Weibo websites and, maybe due the celebrity impact, The Breakup Guru and the Hollywood blockbuster, Transformers IV, opened on the same day for screening, and still the movie generated 150 million RMB for box office in just three days. When I went to watch the movie with my roommate, tickets were nearly sold out for the day. They employed an an excellent marketing campaign and it seemed to be very popular. But was it really a good movie worth paying for a ticket? Well,let’s listen to some different voices.

Lin yijie, a student majors in the International Journalism, has just seen the movie with his girlfriend. He said his girlfriend loves Deng Chao. When asking his opinion about the movie, he says Deng Chao’s acting impressed him most, but the plot was so nonsensical that you can’t imagine how to follow it . In short Lin considers it a funny movie and he gave it 9 points. Yet a student from Life Science, Yu Lei, dislikes the movie. She saw an advertising video on Yang Mi’s Weibo, which intruigued her. But the movie disappointed her down finally. She thinks the best comedy is that you can’t find they are amusing you but you smile, and this movie is to make fun for fun. It is not a real comedy.

I support Yu’s opinion. The Breakup Guru is an awful movie. The main reasons are as the following:

First, as leading actors, Yang Mi’s acting is nothing special, the whole movie is almost Deng Chao’s individual performance, as if to show off Deng’s acting skills. Deng Chao’s sculpts and acting are too pompous, we can only see how he cheats others, how he loves a girl, but we don’t know how the person exactly is. They don’t have their own characteristics to let others recognize them. They fail to portray flesh and blood of human characters.

Second, at the end of the movie we see many deletion fragments. The former movie is much longer than the version we see.Due to the time problem, the director cut out many fragments, so it was not continuous, which made for difficulties for the audience to comprehend the whole story. The plot is not smooth . So many deletion fragments have weakened the logic of the movie.Actually, some of the deleted fragments are more funny. I don’t know how they decide to cut which fragments. After a few laughing scenes, we don’t know why we came to see this movie. It never give us a deep impression.

Third, it should not be regarded as a movie, acting merely as a fragmented gathering of many funny sections, that were stiffly pieced together! The plot is pale and a unqualified farce.

Last of all, the movie contains some violent scenes, such as in the role Deng Chao acted is beaten. The plots are too bloody, which negatively impact children. They may imitate the behaviors and lead to bad results.

In recent years, the quality of Chinese comedies have fallen into disarray.They get caught into a trap:to make fun for fun.As for The Breakup Guru, to make it better, Yang Mi’s acting time should have been added. And if the movie is bound to be cut, do not make it so long at the beginning. The significant thing is to change the vulgar fragments, and increase some down-to-earth laughing points.

Don’t let others see exactly you want to make them laugh, don’t be so deliberate. And pay more attention to the movie’s plot to make it more logical and attractive.

To read the entire article from the Liberty Post, link here:

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