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Chinese Media: Obama's 'Failure to Articulate' Syndrome Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Jun 18, 2014, 01:25 AM

BEIJING:  President Barry Obama appears to struggle with "failure to articulate" issues in the eyes of the Chinese media. They even contend that his drawing 'Red Lines' are not so eloquent.

According to China Radio International, "Yet the ability to narrow these differences is curtailed by the ideological approach of the US versus the pragmatism of Chinese policy makers. Tangen sees Obama's inability to articulate a clear vision as one of the main reasons for continuing mistrust between the two countries. "I think it's very difficult for someone like Xi (Jinping), who is a very pragmatic (person) who draws lines and get things done, versus Obama who has not been able to do that," explains Tangen. "Obama is not clear on what he wants. He's been going back and forth; yes he wants to have a pivot to Asia, but he doesn't know exactly what that entails other than a kind of check and balance with China. His failure to articulate that has been a large part of the problems and the continuing mistrust. If he could just say this is what we want and sit down with Xi, I think they could come to a reasonable [understanding]."

China is thinking that Obama is not so serious about his so-called 'Pivot to Asia' strategy. Beijing contends that one day he's pledging strong support for Japan, but the next day he could throw Tokyo and their allies under the bus.

As reported by China Radio International, "Whether there is a media focus or not, the bilateral relationship remains equally important to both parties. But if it is of equal importance to both countries, why is the relationship fraught with so much distrust. Public perception matters very little when it comes to the vitality of the bilateral relationship. Instead, one has to look higher up the chain. The actions, or in-action, of the US in relation to China's territorial issues certainly impact upon the state of relations between the two countries. As Dr. Clifford Kiracofe, former senior staff member of the US senate foreign relations committee, has pointed out, "strained language and posturing on the US side" in regards to the US-Japan alliance, has proved to be rather counterproductive. (See Page 22)"

Not even enemies of America fear Obama as they view him as a weak-minded person.

To read the entire article from China Radio International, link here:

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