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Editorial Review of Drilling Dialogues: The Hope Series Print E-mail
by Jianyu Hou    Mon, Jun 9, 2014, 12:35 AM
When Mr. McGregor came to visit me several months ago, he asked me to read his novel and give him some contributive suggestions about his story of office politics drama. Yet, how could an American write about Chinese complex personal relationships? Even the Chinese cannot deal with that! Many Chinese elite have already escaped or are planning to flee from their Motherland, due to their complicated personal relationships, which have become a tremendous headache for them. Can an American understand it, as well as distinguish their many entangled networks? I really doubted it. But I held hope for the author, Tom McGregor, since he has lived here in the Asia-Pacific region for more than 10 years. Hence, perhaps he could provide us Chinese with a more disinterested angle to observe and to introspect on the office culture of ourselves. Furthermore, in the pool of American English novels, Chinese office politics tales are really hard to find, so the book is a valuable resource material for those wishing to work in China.

Mr. McGregor didn't disappoint me. His book, Drilling Dialogues: The Hope Series, is more intruiging than I had expected. The most impressive feautre would be that his American style of humor can make me, a Chinese native (born and raised) citizen, laugh on numerous occassions. I was also surprised with Mr. McGregor's keen perceptions about Chinese ways of thinking and behavior, both of which can be difficult for local Chinese to comprehend, since people struggle to see themselves objectively when confronted by their own personal circumstances. 

The characters' personalities are very vivid in this book. Donald, the protagonist, stands as a typical Chinese persona. I dare say that many Chinese, who have undertaken National College Entrance Examinations, would find resonance in the story of Donald.

It is a book filled with positive energy as well, either for the Chinese or Westerners. The story is not only about the Chinese Dream, but the American Dream too. 

The book is even suitable for people from all over the world. McGregor uses comprehensible words for non-native English readers, as well as humor that can be understandable for vast audiences hailing from various backgrounds. I appreciate his considerations for readers. That's why I highly-recommend this book.

Drilling Dialogues: The Hope Series is available for purchase now on Amazon. Additionally dear readers, if you are suffering from depression or major dilemnas in your life, you should read this book and you could find greater optimism and wisdom from this 'Hope Series!'

Jianyu Hou works as a political columnist for China Media Net Inc.

To read Drilling Dialogues: The Hope Series on Amazon, link here:  To view the Drilling Dialogues Website, link here:

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written by Tom McGregor , June 09, 2014

Hmmm. I tried posting this paragraph from Jianyu Hou's review, but a mysterious technical difficulty prevented it from doing so. Here's the paragraph in question: "McGregor's character descriptions let people see the inner hearts of the Chinese elite group. They are not always confident, but it's this so-called self-abasement that shapes Chinese perfectionist traits and boost their endurance as they face seemingly insurmountable challenges in their lives."

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