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Putin Checkmates Obama in Troll Wars Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, May 5, 2014, 09:34 PM

Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing chess while President Barack Obama is watching 'My Little Pony' cartoons when it comes to the 'Game of Troll Wars.' Let's cite an example of the quality of trolling between Putin trolls and Obama trolls.

An Obama troll is making the rounds saying, "I wish she (US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D.-Tx.)) would run for the office of the Presidency and could and would win! You all just about died when President Obama won. A black woman would split all your racist hairs."


Now let's compare that statement to an alleged Putin troll commenting on American media outlets. "We have very credible news that the foreign Maidan story a few weeks ago was in fact directed from the US Embassy and for insiders in politics this is not news at all. This is very boring. People are making jokes why there is no revolution in the US and no regime change. The reason is very simple, there is no American Embassy in the US. What we see here is Maidan leaders were staying for hours each and every day in the US Embassy. There is a huge population of CIA agents right now busy in the Ukraine and the problem is again that in all these things that happened Washington is accusing Russia of having the agents in Ukraine while it is the other way around. So, my interpretation of this is we have in fact a pre-running media war with lying against Russia and this is just a cover-up for a kind of economic war that is going on. They are pushing down the ruble, they are pushing down the important economic activities, they are trying to hurt Russia financially, economically, and that is all we can do very efficiently from the Western side to push down Russia because that is what we are talking about and that is being done already. So, they are getting more bloodletting in Ukraine through the agents, through spending more money. McCain has just called yesterday for 100 million dollars military aid and be sure this is not for the defense of Ukraine against anybody coming from outside. This is in fact meant to foster civil war in the Ukraine against their own population. We had New York Times reporting that Slavyansk where the mass killings started, that there is no Russians inside peoples’ defense force. So, what else do we need?"

Yes, some may conclude that Putin trolls are a bit too wordy and appear to develop arguments that low-info. Americans can't comprehend, but Obama trolls are just making catchy phrases and just flashing their 'Race Cards,' assuming that it's enough said.

Nonetheless, Putin trolls appear to be much smarter than the Obama trolls and it's a sad state of affairs when we Americans can't get our groove on in the 'Game of Troll Wars.'

To learn about Putin trolls, link here:  To learn more about Obama trolls, link here:

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