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Major Defense Contractor Calls Vietnam 'Emerging Ally' Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, May 5, 2014, 08:06 PM

In an exclusive interview with the Dallas Blog, J. Ross Stewart, a senior contracts administrator for Concurrent Technologies Corp., a Defense industry company based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, called Vietnam an "emerging ally," should the US decide to wage war against China by "doubling down on its Pivot to Asia strategy." 

The Washington Post reports that, "The arrangement highlights the Pentagon's ties with Commonwealth Research and its corporate parent, Concurrent Technologies, which has in recent years received hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and contracts from the military and more than $100 million in earmarks from powerful lawmakers. Concurrent, also registered as a charity, reported more than $248 million in revenue for fiscal 2006. In a report last year, the firm said it was among the Defense Department's top 200 contractors, with a focus on intelligence, surveillance, force readiness and advanced materials."

Stewart told the Dallas Blog, "Yet more reasons why we need to keep the Libertarians and their isolationism far away from U.S. foreign policy. It's time to double down on the pivot, increase the U.S. presence in the Philippines, resurrect the U.S. presence in Vietnam, etc. Then the PLAN will think twice."

In October 2013, the US and Vietnam held a major defense dialogue. In closed door sessions, Pentagon officials offered consultations to Hanoi on matters of "tha Maritime Police Force of Vietnam and the U.S. Coast Guard," according to the Vietnam website.

Vietnam is currently a country governed by the Communist Party, while the US has officially imposed an arms embargo on the nation.

To read the entire article from the Washington Post, link here:  To learn more about the US-Vietnam Defense Dialogue, link here:

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written by J. Ross Stewart , May 06, 2014

I, J. Ross Stewart, did not provide Mr. McGregor an interview, and provided no such consent nor release. Furthermore, my comments and opinions are personal views and are not intended to represent the views of Concurrent Technologies Corporation.

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