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Eyewitness Account of Odessa Tragedy Print E-mail
by Mystery Ukrainian    Mon, May 5, 2014, 01:48 AM
Written in the broken English of a native Russian speaker, but many Ukrainian citizens living in Odessa have Russian as their mother tongue.


The objective of this atrocity? Like any other false flag we've heard about lately whether the chemical attack on East Gouta in Syria or the leaked tape of Turkish defense ministers/intel operatives planning to attack their own men at the Suleyman Shah tomb and blame it on Assad -- to either start or widen a war.

In this case the pro-Kiev paid thugs bused into the city were wearing red armbands to identify each other even while wearing St. George's ribbons to initially blend into the anti-Kiev crowds (they also had Ukrainian flags on their black backpacks perhaps to readily identify themselves to any football ultras who didn't 'get the memo' about a false flag operation underway).

They then receive instructions from a senior ranking policeman who appears to be the newly appointed, slavishly pro-Kiev Odessa police chief who's first announcement to a gathering of his thugs this weekend was 'Slava Ukrainia' and which was answered with 'Death to enemies' (the slogan of the Nazi-allied Ukrainian People's Army in WW2 and the Galician SS division).

There is also evidence that some of the propaganda put out by EuroMaidan, which simultaneously gloated about the deaths of 'pro-Russians' and blamed the anti-Kiev side for setting the Trade Unions Building on fire and burning themselves down in typical contradictory fashion, was pre-planned or at least the talking points were issued very quickly after the attack.

It should be noted that the anti-Maidan activists had their tents set up near the steps of the Trade Unions Building for weeks so it wasn't as if this was not a scenario that could not be "war-gamed" (i.e. using street thugs and 'football fans' to herd the anti-Kiev activists from flimsy barricades and torched tents into the building, which could then be surrounded and burned down Reichstag style).

To read the entire article from Liberty Post, link here:

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