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RIC (Russia, India and China) to Emerge Stronger Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, May 4, 2014, 10:38 PM

BEIJING:  Russia, India and China are drawing closer together as the United States is getting tougher on Moscow, New Delhi and Beijing. India is expected to elect a new prime minister who has been officially banned from entering U.S. boundaries.

According to the Voice of Russia, "Experts believe that the wish of the West to restrict Moscow’s cooperation with Brussels and Washington will play into the hands of the Russian economy. Wisdom and presence of mind are two components that will guarantee success for a new spiral of Russia’s cooperation with eastern countries. Also, this will allow us to counter-balance the risks that the European market is exposed to."

President Obama's Pivot on Asia is an attempt to minimize the diplomatic and military presence of China in the Asia-Pacific region.

As reported by the Voice of Russia, "The European economy, experts point out, still remains in the grip of a crisis, while China, for example, is prosperous. The West, including the US, has begun to curtail the profitable relations with Russia on the background of Ukrainian problems, which has nothing to do with the East. And business always develops in the environment of stability and mutual interest. It is reasonable that at present the Russian economy – that is investments, exports, imports and technology – is speeding up its advance in the eastern direction, President of the Centre of Strategic Communications Dmitry Abzalov says. Instead of America and Europe, our target is South-East Asia now."

Obama has sought revenge against Russian President Vladimir Putin for oppossing the gay marriage agenda. Accordingly, we have tumultuous events going on in the Ukraine.

To read the entire article from the Voice of Russia, link here:

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