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Asia Diary: Meeting a People Smuggler in Malaysia Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Mar 19, 2014, 11:43 PM

The Australian government appears to have found wreckage of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight that was originally scheduled to land in Beijing about two weeks ago. The plane appears to have been hijacked or the pilot intentionally reversed course for the plane to land in Perth, Australia, but it ran out of gas before reaching its desired location.

Additionally, many conspiracy theory stories have arisen over the disapearance of the flight. And so, finding out the true cause of what happened may never be discovered, but it brings back memories of an incident I encountered when visiting Malaysia last November.

I don't recall all the exact details on locations, but I will recount it to the best of my memory:

On a Friday or Saturday morning of the first week of November, possibly Nov. 6 or 7, my bus arrived from Melacca arrived at the KL Sentral Bus Station. My flight to Shanghai was scheduled to fly later that evening so I wanted to find a place to drop off my bags to do some sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur. That's when I saw a sign saying that there was a place you could drop off your bags and take a nap inside a small room.

I went to the 2nd floor I presume to find the rest stop and made arrangements to pay for a room just to leave my bags there. It cost in the range of $10 US dollars and the receptionist was a dark-skinned young looking Malaysian man in his mid to late twenties. He wore black dress pants and shirt with a purple sports jacket. He had a small goattee.

After making arrangements with this fellow, I went sightseeing and returned to the rest stop at KL Sentral with an hour to spare before I took the train to the KL International Airport. Accordingly, I sat down to browse news Websites on a table right in front of the receptionist desk. The man in the purple sports coat sat down to talk to me.

He first joked that I looked like a godfather from the Sicilian mafia. Well, he was not the first to make that joke about me, but then he asked me how to smuggle some people on a flight to New Jersey. I had to explain that I was not a mobster and informed him that smuggling people with fake passports on a  plane to New Jersey doesn't sound like a smart idea.

I didn't think much about that conversation until I heard the missing Malasian Airlines flight could have been headed to Australia, and it reminded me of that incident.

Besides, I tried to Google Search his location and I couldn't find it. However if I were to visit KL Sentral again I'm sure I could find it. I just hope that the purple jacket man was not involved in this terrible crime. When talking him, he didn't appear to have much common sense and not the brightest guy on the block.

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written by Michael Snow , March 21, 2014

Do you have any connections that could smuggle a family out of Dallas?

written by Tom McGregor , March 27, 2014

Not certain bringing them to meet me in China is a good idea, but I will pray for them.

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