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Obama Turns Africa into US Military Base Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Feb 10, 2014, 11:07 PM

Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Barack Obama has deployed substantial amounts of military aid to Africa, which is tranforming the continent into a large-scale US military base.

RT quotes Freeman as saying that, "The US has no good policy right now for Africa, which would mean developing the potential of the continent. And now under President Barack Obama our focus is becoming more and more on security and counter-terrorism, which now involves hundreds of millions and billions of dollars. And it’s really failing throughout the entire area of Sahara, West Africa, Central Africa… The security measures themselves have proven to be completely ineffective and it presented us with horrible conditions of worth, of life and destruction of countries."

Africa struggles with greater instability ever since Obama entered the White House.

Freeman added, "I don’t think the US is trying to bring in democracy. The potential of Africa is enormous. In South Sudan, which is now almost in a civil war, this is the most fertile land untapped in the continent which could feed almost 1 billion people. The West has refused to develop its potential. China is not buying up oil fields and resources. China has an arrangement with their coming in with infrastructure, which the United States and Europe have refused over the last 30 years. China is building infrastructure and in return they are getting paid back in various resources such as oil. Africa could feed itself and could provide food for the rest of the world if we develop it. But the Western policy has actually been a genocidal policy that is to allow people to die from famine, from war and from disease rather than [to] develop these countries."

Meanwhile, Obama is warehousing drones in South Sudan.

To read the entire article from RT, link here:

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