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'Obama Not Gay,' Kenyan Elites Claim Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Feb 10, 2014, 07:45 PM

Barack Obama was hailed as America's first gay president by Time Magazine, but friends of the Obama clan in Kenya, who recently visited Beijing and spoke with the Dallas Blog, claim that President Obama is not a homosexual and actually enjoys some special relationships with a few women. They spoke with such candid frankness to a conservative blogger, because they feel betrayed by Barack.

"We helped get Barack into the White House and he couldn't have done it with our help, but he has done nothing to help us after getting elected in 2008," a friend of the Obama clan told the Dallas Blog. They even contend that Beijing, not Washington, has done more to help the African continent to create a stronger economy for the African people.

'Barack the Betrayer' should consider himself 'persona non grata' in Africa, according to the Kenyan establishment. Nevertheless, they contend it's just as important to shatter prevailing urban myths about the President. Obama, they contend, "yes indeed, he was born in Hawaii and a US citizen, he is not Muslim and he is not gay." But here's how the explain why such Obama myths were not knocked down by the Kenyans earlier.

When it comes to the questionable birth certificate, they admit that the birth certificate Obama displayed in public a few years ago, was not the original, but it does not mean he's not a US citizen. They claim that when Obama was born in Hawaii, his father, Barack Sr., was involved in a bigamist relationship back home in Kenya. His African wife, was not pleased that he fell in love with a white woman and she was closely connected with the Kenyan government.

According to tribal customs, men are permitted to marry many wives, but only with African woman. Barack Sr. broke a taboo and later this mistake would haunt him since the Kenyan government would contact the US State Department to create problems for his Visa status, should he attempt to visit his son, Barack Jr. more often in the US.

Kenyan insiders also confess that the Obama clan in Kenya are hardcore radical Islamist militants, who are currently hosting training grounds for al shabab terrorists in the country. And some members have been linked to the Kenyan Mall terrorist attack that occurred a few months ago, but they still insist President Obama is not a secret Muslim.

Kenyan elites contend that Obama had been raised by his grandmother, from his mother's side to be a Christian. Yet, they grudgingly admit that Obama has at times been more than helpful to boost a global jihad, but more out of naivete notions, rather than with intentional evil motives. He has not fully realized how dangerous radical Islamists really are, and he's been misguided by Sen. John McCain (R.-Az.) on some Middle East foreign policy issues.

Nevertheless, here's how the duplicate birth certificate gets explained. When Barack was a child, the Kenyan government feared that the US State Department would take a closer look at the militant Muslim nature of the Obama clan and so they made the original birth certificate disapear. Since Barack was a lazy student and the class clown, they never imagined he would one day grow up to be President of the USA, and so they never considered the harmful political consequences of taking such measures. They now realized that these actions were a "mistake."

However, the most challenging urban myth for the Kenyan elite to crack is the Barack is gay rumor. They insist he has a few female mistresses and met one of those mistresses on his trip to South Africa for the Nelson Mandela tribute, but they failed to disclose specific names, so their claims should not be considered 100% accurate.

But here's how they make their argument: The men of the Obama clan in Kenya have earned notoriety as womanizers and liars; and they say that these same character traits flow through Barack Obama Jr. They contend that Barack was encouraged to endorse an extremist gay rights agenda to divert the voters' attention away from the fact that many men of the Obama clan in Kenya are not only bigamists, but also wife beaters. They assumed that if voters would look at Barack as gay, he would not be perceived as a thug.

The strategy seemed effective and Obama captured the hearts of the gay community to propel him to the White House.

To learn more about Barack Obama's family connections in China, link here:

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written by an0nym0us , February 23, 2014

he may not be gay but he's light in the loafers

written by GracieZG , February 23, 2014

Bloggers have a very critical function to get the truth out there since the main stream press has abdicated that responsibility. But if you don't name your sources, you need to present verifiable evidence. Otherwise, it is just rumor, and is discreditable to you and the media outlet you are using. I'm hoping this blog will rise above this, and engage in true journalism. The conservative values we are fighting for include truth, no rumor.

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