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Ghost Tales Haunt Birthplace of Stalin Print E-mail
by Stalin    Thu, Jan 16, 2014, 09:23 PM

When Stalin served as leader of the USSR, he was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of Russians. Perhaps, it should come as no surprise that his childhood hometown, Gori, Georgia, has earned notoriety for numerous creepy incidents of poltergeist.

Pravda reports that, "No one is surprised by various anomalous phenomena any more. Yet, the events that took place near the town of Gori (Georgia) surprised even seasoned researchers. Here strange characters emerge on the walls, and some otherworldly creature terrorizes not only adults but also children. Home owners believe that it is a ghost of a young lady."

Residents and visitors in Gori have recounted a number of hauntings that hinted at a diabolical influence.

According to Pravda, "Interestingly enough, Joseph Stalin (then Jugashvili) was born in Gori in 1879, and his house now hosting a museum is located in this city. Could it be connected in some way with a poltergeist in the house of Okropiridze? Paranormal phenomena are evidenced in many places associated with the name of Stalin. For example, not so long ago there was information about poltergeist in the house of the Cheremnikh family in Sochi, located next door to the former Stalin dacha. The building now hosts a prestigious resort. No one heard about any oddities there, but the rumors of a ghost of the leader roaming the neighborhood persist. The Cheremnikh family that recently moved to Sochi heard the rumors as well. Soon the family began to notice strange things in their house."

Many residents, who lived in haunted houses, have fled the city to live elsewhere.

To read the entire article from Pravda, link here:

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written by Bill Marvel , January 17, 2014

Yet another coup on behalf of cogent conservative commentary.

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