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Al Roker Suffers Meltdown over Polar Vortex Jokes Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Jan 8, 2014, 07:31 PM

Al Roker is mad as hell at Polar Vortex jokers and he ain't gonna take it anymore. NBC's  chief TV meteorologist is slamming Rush Limbaugh for calling Polar Vortex a Leftist conspiracy.

The Houston Chronicle reports that, "All those frigid temps, snow and boiling water tricks? Man, that’s just the liberal media and Democrats trying to pull one over you. Or so Rush Limbaugh says. The political commentator and radio host spent a good portion of his show on Monday attempting to debunk the so-called “polar vortex”. He claims the word was made up by the “global warming agenda” only recently."

Al Roker even threatened to physically assault Rush on Twitter by saying that, "Bring it, Sparky. It's a short walk over but you'll be limping back."

According to the Houston Chronicle, "Unfortunately for Limbaugh, the “they” aren’t global warming pushers. “They” are scientists and meteorologists who coined the term as early as 1959 and perhaps even earlier than that. Wednesday, NBC’s “Today” show weather anchor Al Roker took potshots at the conservative jockey on Twitter:"

Al Roker cited a reference to Polar Vortex in the American Meteorology Society dictionary published in 1959. However, polar vortex does not mention global warming as the cause of a Polar Vortex.

To read the entire article ftom the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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