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Tiger Mom Calls Mexican-Americans 'Inferior' Race Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Jan 5, 2014, 07:05 PM

Amy Chua, the self-proclaimed Tiger Mom, is sparking racial outrage as she has recently published a new book claiming that most Hispanics and African-Americans are inferior races.

According to the New York Post, "She’s doubling down. Amy Chua, the self-proclaimed “Tiger Mom” who, in 2011, published a book arguing that Chinese women are superior mothers — thus their offspring superior children — has even more to say."

Tiger Mom contends that only a few races have so-called "superiority" genes: Jewish, Indian, Chinese, Iranian, Lebanese-Americans, Nigerians, Cuban-exiles and Mormons. 

As reported by the New York Post, “The Triple Package,” Chua and her husband, co-author Jed Rubenfeld, gather some specious stats and anecdotal evidence to argue that some groups are just superior to others and everyone else is contributing to the downfall of America."

She is quoted as saying that, "That certain groups do much better in America than others - as measured by income, occupational status, test scores and so on - is difficult to talk about. In large part, this is because the topic feels so racially-charged."

To read the entire article from the New York Post, link here:

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Comments (6)add comment
written by static , January 06, 2014

"Tiger Mom Calls Mexican-Americans 'Inferior' Race"

Actually, she didn't. Your headline is a lie. She doesn't even talk about race, she talks about cultural values.

written by PG , January 06, 2014

Wow, this is a huge and irresponsible mischaracterization of Chua's book. While I'm skeptical of the vague invocations of "culture" that Chua loves, it is not the same as race. This should be pretty obvious given that Mormons are not a racial group and that Jews include a variety of genetic groups ranging from Sephardic to Ashkenazi to Indian and African. But of course these aren't only religion-defined groups, since Indians can be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc, just as Chinese can be Christian, Buddhist, Confucianist; so on and so forth.

While as a member of the general public and not a book reviewer like Callahan of the NYPost, I can at least see the book description on, which says:

"But the Triple Package has a dark underside too. Each of its elements carries distinctive pathologies; when taken to an extreme, they can have truly toxic effects. Should people strive for the Triple Package? Should America? Ultimately, the authors conclude that the Triple Package is a ladder that should be climbed and then kicked away, drawing on its power but breaking free from its constraints."

I see no reference to "superiority genes" in the book description, nor even in the NYPost article on which this blog post purportedly is based. It seems to be made up to stir animus toward Chua and Rubenfeld.

written by Frank Aguilera , January 07, 2014

Amy Chua suffers from "We are better than thou" syndrome. Others, far more relevant than mere university professor have suffered from the same impairment, well-known among them a certain Adolf Hitler. She can't believe her luck in this life time, that the only way she knows it is not a dream is to pick on those who are today doing as badly as her own people did only a few generation ago. Imagine a world ruled by irrepressible pricks like Amy Chua? I'd rather be ruled by soulless dinosaurs!.

written by Pont , January 07, 2014

The Chinese people are made up of a lot of different groups like 90. Yellow and slant eyes come from the Bushman and these people are the second wave out of Afica. All people come from the same place.Jewish people came from Asia minor. This women is an ass.These peple just use this country and it education.

written by Tom's_Common_Sense , January 08, 2014

All these cultures love money grubbing. 100 years ago, the "cultural elites" would have called these eight groups inferior cultures. In 50 years her analysis will look foolish. She just another biggoted idiot that confuses circumstancial success (i.e. luck) with superiority.

written by steve , January 08, 2014

If we use Chua's criteria for success and apply these criteria to sexual preference what happens? Maybe gay or lesbian couples are the superior races. Its all a question of where you look, and what are the criteria for "success.

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