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Dallas Blog Predictions for 2014 Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Dec 30, 2013, 11:16 PM

It's time for the Dallas Blog to look into its trusty crystal ball and gaze upwards at the constellation so we can embark on predictions for the year 2014. Just kidding, I'm not a fortune teller nor do I claim to hold special ESP skills. Yet, it's fun to make predictions for the year ahead. So let's see:

Big story for 2014

Terrorism: Radical Islamist terrorists will spread deep into Southern Russia and Western China and score numerous deadly attacks. They will likely strike mid-sized cities in isolated rural areas. That's because local governments can't afford expensive anti-terror equipment and manpower. The attacks will increase fears amongst the citizens as they start to doubt their governments can really protect them. Moscow and Beijing will respond with a greater power grab and implement much stronger public security measures. At first, the Russians and Chinese will worry about the heightened public security measures, but as terrorists continue their attacks, they will begin to support the measures and patriotism will grow stronger. Russia and China will become stronger allies amidst the War on Terror. 

Nevertheless, Obama will lead a coalition of Western governments to denounce Moscow and Beijing for their new draconian measures, but the criticisms will backfire. China and Russia will start asking themselves in the second half of the year, why is China and Russia a target of terrorism, but the West is not. As they dig deeper, they will uncover a new Obama scandal, which will be more shocking than the NSA Snowden debacle. It's Muslim related and behind the scenes they will confront the US State Department to insist the US fight Muslim terrorists too.

Obama will not agree and continue to criticize Beijing and Msocow. Accordingly, Israel will leak sensitive Muslim information about Obama, but the White House will claim it's just a conspiracy theory. Even though the evidence that gets exposed will show irrefutable proof, most Americans will agree with the White House and assume it's a GOP mid-term Elections tactic.

After a month or two, Beijing will utilize a different threat to punish Obama. They will say they are going to dump their US debt holdings. Obama will call their bluff and continue his criticisms against Beijing and Moscow. Then Beijing will sell off 1% of their US debt holdings each day until Obama returns to the negotiations table. After a few days, US bonds interest rates skyrocket, the US economy tanks and since it's right before the US mid-term elecions, Obama reverses course and agrees to side with Beijing and Moscow on their War on Terror.

When radical Islamists learn about Obama's deal, they will feel betrayed and turn their attention on attacking the US for the second half of the year. But they will start to over-reach as they even send a suicide bomber to a gay bar at a city with strong Democrat Party support. Hence, even liberal Democrats will turn against Obama as they fear their safety is at risk.

Muslims will confirm the veracity of the Obama-Islamist Scandal, which will would further erode Obama's popularity in opinion polls and the Democrat Party will not regain Congress and even lose control of the Senate.

GOP's Future: Intra-Party Divisiveness Continues but Win Control of Senate by Default

The civil war between Establishment Republicans and the Tea Party will grow worse. Yet, the Tea Party would make some surprising electoral gains, while the Establishment GOP attempt to implement more sabotage shemes against them. However, the Tea Party experienced these problems before and this time they have a back-up counter-attack plan to help with damage control. Some Tea Party candidates will win general elections despite sabotage efforts of the GOP.

Global Economy to Improve despite Terrrorism Setbacks

Yes, the European Union will enjoy a good year for their economies. They will play both sides of the fence over diplomatic tensions between Washington D.C. vs. Beijing and Msocow. Hence, both sides will offer the EU generous trade deals and subsidies to maintain their support. Western Europe (EU members) will not be targeted by Islamists jihadists either as they will claim behind the scenes that they support Islam too.

Rough Road ahead for South America

Power outages, out-of-control inflation, rampant labor strikes will continue to plague South American countries. A new democracy protest movement will emerge in Argentina and will topple the government, and will replace it with a conservative govenment to restore order. Obama will call it a coup, but Argentina will ignore criticisms from the US as the US loses its global influence.

Clinton and Obama Rivalry Goes Public and Both Sides Lose 

As Obama's popularity ratings continue to plummet, Hillary Clinton will distance herself from the White House to protect her Presidential ambitions. But Obama will plot revenge. he will leak information about Benghazi on Hillary and announce he will not endorse her nomination for President. Hillary will go public with her dispute against Obama, but African-Americans will say she's racist. Obama will send a Top Secret letter to Hillary to tell her to drop out of the Presidential race or Obama will endorse an African-American candidate.

The next day, Hillary will issue a public statement to say she will not run for President for health reasons. She will never disclose publicly Obama's blackmail letter. Democrats will be in disarray after the mid-term elections.

Asia will face growing tensions but every country in the region knows: 'War is Unnecessary'

Diplomatic tensions between Japan and China will rise, but behind the scenes they will both agree war is unnecessary. They engage in stronger verbal attacks to inspire more patriotism. However, Obama's trip to Asia in the spring will turn into a foreign policy disaster for the White House. Even US allies in Asia will start to doubt the sincerity of Obama's diplomacy efforts.   

But Good News ... Spiritual Values Capture more Hearts and Minds

As Islamist Terrorism spreads to the USA in the second half of the year, Americans will at first feel fear, but as the attacks continue, they will become more united to fight jihad. Liberals and conservatives will start agreeing with each other and Christianity will blossom as Americans pray for peace and strength.

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