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Global Warming Guru Blames Al Gore for 'Blah, Blah Blah' Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Dec 24, 2013, 11:08 PM

Global Warming Guru Randy Olson, a Harvard scientist, is blasting former Vice President Al Gore for being "boring" and how he is making eco-activists and eco-terrorists become sleepy. 

According to Der Speigel, "The IPCC reports make headlines every few years, because the UN attracts the world's press. But the research itself? The Gore movie cashed in on his personality and the question of where he had been in the six years since his failed US presidential bid. The same movie starring any NASA scientist would have lost money."

Dr. Olson contends that making films to discuss the ozone hole makes for more compelling viewing than Global Warming alarmism.

As reported by Der Speigel, "It made a ton of money which made some people think that suddenly the topic was unboring. Which produced a spate of climate documentaries that were all boring, and eventually resulted in an Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker friend saying to me they all blend together -- all the same shots of melting glaciers, polar bears, carbon emissions ... blah, blah, blah. By 2008 another friend was at a gathering of indy film distributors in which they were saying, "no more environmental documentaries!", there's no audience for them. And by 2010 a producer friend of mine said, "Even the Green Channel doesn't want "green programming."

Dr. Olson is drafting a scientific Climate Change report to appoint a new 'Global Warming CEO.'

To read the entire article from Der Speigel, link here:

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