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Chinese Film Mocks Clean Government as Ineffective Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Dec 23, 2013, 09:12 PM

BEIJING:  The film, 'Personal Tailors,' hit Chinese movie theaters on December 19. In one scene, a chaffeur of corrupt government officials, describes his fantasy to become a clean government official. A company lets him live out his fantasy and after a few rounds of refusing bribes, the chaffeur realizes he's incompetent. Another character explained by telling him, "you committed the worst crime as a government official, you were incorruptible, but ineffective." 

China Radio International reports that, "Film director Feng Xiaogang's new film "Personal Tailor" hit screens across China on December 19th. At the premiere of the film held in Beijing on December 17th, Feng responded to doubts raised over the ending of the film by issuing an apology. Feng stated that people tend to criticize others for faults which they refuse to admit committing themselves. He felt it was necessary to apologize to help avoid the situation becoming more serious."

The film was not slapstick humorous and seemed to take on a philosophical approach to life in China. In another scene, a character seeks to stop producing so-called vulgar films and intends to promote arthouse films that "nobody understands, nobody is interested in and nobody wants to see."

According to China Radio International, "Chinese film director Feng Xiaogang was in Beijing on Thursday to promote his upcoming comedy "Personal Tailor." He was joined by actresses Bai Baihe and Li Xiaolu. In the film, Ge You leads a team in a company called "Personal Tailor", which provides tailor-made plans to help clients realize their fantasies."

Yet, the movie 'Personal Tailors,' ends with a boring send-off where the main characters pledge to endorse the UN's environmental policies and they say sorry to Mother Earth for polluting China. In my personal estimation, I would say, "don't bother watching it, unless your sleeping pills are no longer working."

To read the entire article from China Radio International, link here:

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