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Pajama Boy Proves Democrats No Longer Cool Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Dec 19, 2013, 07:18 PM

Yes Virginia, there was a time when some people thought Young Democrats were cool. They had Jay-Zee getting the down low. There were the plaid-wearing folks who listened to Pearl Jam. You even had Barack Obama and his Obama Girl. But now, Pajama Boy has become the symbol of the Democrat Party, and I guarantee it that Pewee Herman would have better luck scoring a one night stand with a hot chick, than this fellow, who calls himself, Pajama Boy. Meanwhile Obama looks like the gay version of Steven Urkel, the nerdy character on the TV show, Family Matters. Additionally, Jay-zee has transformed into a GreenPeace loving vegetarian.

PowerLine reports that, "So Pajama Boy turns out to be Ethan Krupp, an employee of Obama Youth Organizing for America, the Obama front group. Maybe his autobiography will be called The Unarms of Krupp? He may be having second thoughts already; he’s apparently closed up his Twitter account, and blocked access to a YouTube video of a speech he gave at the University of Wisconsin (naturally). But there’s this wonderful video he did for OFA, with the totally creep-out title “Get Ready to Have the Talk”:"

While Ethan was a student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, he certainly was not the life of the party. He launched a public relations blitz to encourage his fellow students to refrain from drinking beer or any other alcohol.

According to PowerLine, "Sounds like a real fun guy. I’ll bet we can fix him up on a date with Sandra Fluke.

Ethan 'Gomer Pyle' Krupp has become a symbol of the future of the Democrat Party.

To read the entire article from PowerLine, link here:

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