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Obama 'Deeply Concerned' for Chinese Jihadists' Safety Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Apr 24, 2013, 11:34 PM
Abat Uighur.jpgBEIJING:  President Barack Obama coninues his global war against terrorism by denouncing those who fight against radical Islamist militancy. The US State Department said it is "deeply concerned" that the Chinese government is fighting against Muslim jihadists in Xinjiang Province, Northwest China.

The Indian Express reported that, "the United States has expressed concern over a violent confrontation in the Xinjiang Province in China. 'We are deeply concerned by the reports of violent confrontation in Xinjiang that left 21 people dead."

Patrick Ventrell, US State Department spokesman, told reporters at his daily news conference yesterday that, "we regret the unfortunate acts of violence that led to these casualties, and we'll continue to encourage Chinese officials to take steps to reduce tensions and promote lng-term stability in Xinjiang."

According to the Indian Express, "Ventrell urged the Chinese authorities to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation of this incident, and to provide all Chinese citizens, including Uighurs, the due process protections to which they are entitled not only under China's constitutional laws but under their international human rights commitments as well."

Obama is demanding Beijing release Islamist terrorist extremist, Memetzen Abdulla, former editor of the state-run China National Radio's Uighur Service, who was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for instigating ethnic rioting in the Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region.

To read the entire article from the Indian Express, link here:

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written by FarWestChina , April 25, 2013

I don't particularly like Obama, but your characterization of the Uyghur as "jihadist" is crazy. So you're telling me that you all of the sudden believe everything the Chinese government says? I can't tell if you're willfully ignorant or just plain racist. My guess is that you wouldn't know a Uyghur person if they were sitting right next to you (hint: they don't wear turbans), so why are you commenting on them? Unbelievable.

written by Truth Seeker , April 25, 2013

Excuse me Tom, why don't you read what Memetjan Abdulla did before you call him Islamic terrorist extremist? FYI, he doesn't have along beard, turban on his head, pray five days a day or even goes to mosque. He simply posted something online deemed seditious by the atheistic and communistic government in Beijing, which people like you considered a communist threat not too long ago.

In your hatred of President Obama and blindness to the reality and suffering of Uyghur people under authoritarian communist Chinese rule, you spread lies and hatred on this respectable blog. What a shame. I see your views in your piece are not any different than a Islamic extremist that you hate. You become what you hate - an extremist.

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