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GOP Must Become 'Solutions' Party Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Feb 5, 2013, 08:58 PM

Let's face it, the Republican Party appears to be facing some turmoil at this moment and struggles to identify itself. Some say the problem is the message that the GOP is delivering to the public, but the reality appears to be how the message is getting delivered, not what the message actually is.

In recent months, I’ve made a career transition from working for the media in China to getting into public relations in Beijing. At first, I felt reluctant because as you read the Dallas Blog, going on the attack is my specialty, but conveying a positive message was not so intriguing.

Yet perhaps that’s part of the problem with the GOP right now, we love to attack President Barack Obama, Sen. Harry Reid (D.-Nv.) and US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D.-Tx.). It might be fun to ridicule the opposition, I consider myself an expert on this matter, but the truth is that the Democrats are enjoying more success at the election polls.

The GOP establishment should not be ashamed of its conservative candidates, but instead stand behind all those who were nominated by the Party to run against Democrats.

I’ve been impressed by the unity shown by Democrats when their elected officials deal with controversy or alleged scandals. Instead of cutting their ties and running, they raise a staunch defense of their Democrat kin, despite obvious flaws.

But whenever a Republican politician must contend with above-average media scrutiny, Karl Rove and the rest of the GOP establishment hit the Fox News airwaves to deny any connection with the media-hyped controversial GOP party member. They then engage in sabotage schemes to ruin the life of the Republican under attack.

It’s bad enough to get ruthlessly attacked by your opposition, but when your own family goes public to degrade your good name that should be deemed unacceptable behavior. As Republicans, we are a political family, whether we personally like our brothers and sisters or not. We should fight family only behind closed doors never in public.

The Republican Party should also revamp its image as the political party of ‘SOLUTIONS.’ It’s too late to use ‘HOPE’ as our theme, but solutions is a better word, since hope is a subjective word, while solutions means positive results.

While the Democrats can only offer ‘hope,’ Republicans can be the real deal and provide solutions to national and global ills. Do voters want empty promises or somebody who offers a plan to fix problems? Hope is meaningless without action.

What are some solutions that the Republican Party can offer? The GOP can upgrade the economy with lower tax rates, less regulations and a more pro-business environment. But let’s not forget that we should never eliminate essential programs to help lower class families.

But we should remind the poor that Democrats may give them a bigger welfare check, but under a Republican-controlled government, we offer more economic opportunities for the poor. You have a better chance to find a high-paying job when Republicans take charge of the economy.

The GOP must revamp our education system. American education is broken and needs to be fixed immediately or more jobs will flow to China and the Asia-Pacific region. Academic test-based education has been a disaster for our country. Besides, have Americans taken a look at our global education rankings. Students’ test scores are abysmal compared to European and Asian students.

Let’s help young students obtain proper training in their ‘dream jobs.’ If they want to be an architect, they can get training from experts. We need more job training programs for junior and high school students. Not everyone loves to read books, so if a student prefers fixing cars to taking an SAT test then offer them a chance to pursue that passion.

Meanwhile, the GOP is the party of solutions to oppose societal problems, such as drug addictions, high crime rates and moral decay. Before Republican Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor of New York City, the metropolis was headed in a downward spiral as crime-infested, while losing its reputation as the economic engine of the country. Giuliani, the former mayor, offered solutions to revitalize New York. He was very successful.

Republicans should do a better job of talking to minority voters. Asians and Hispanics are innately conservative by nature and the GOP message does hold strong appeal for them. However, Obama won re-election with the strong support of Hispanic and Asian voters.

We must get these two minority groups more involved with the political process. We need more Hispanic and Asian Republicans running for the office to become the new face of our party. We should stop looking like the white people’s party, especially since this voting demographic continues to shrink on a rapid scale.

There’s no problem with being a conservative candidate, but we have to be careful how we deliver our message. We can’t show stubbornness, intolerance, snobbery and act mean-spirited. If so, the Democrats can point to these actions as why you should never vote Republican.

Yes, the main stream media supports Democrats and nothing in the world will change that scenario. But we can use that to our advantage. It’s ok to play victim sometimes to inspire voters to support you. Instead of criticizing the media for supposedly unfair attacks, we could cast ourselves as politicians under attack, because the Democrats and media don’t want us to implement real solutions. It’s the attackers, who want to fight against our solutions program, because they want the system to remain broken.

Besides, nobody is perfect and the GOP will never find the perfect candidate. But that’s ok. Maybe it is better the GOP lets more ordinary people run for office, instead of asking ‘Mr. Local Chamber of Commerce’ to be the face of the Republican Party. That was the big problem with Mitt Romney, he was too perfect, and so voters couldn’t feel a connection to him.

It’s alright if a Republican candidate struggled with paying off personal financial debts in the past. Just think of his response. “I couldn’t pay my debts during the Obama Depression era, but I recovered and so I know how tough it is for many lower- and middle class families to pay their bills on time. But I found a solution to recover, so I have a plan that works.”

Republicans with a somewhat questionable past should not be deemed an anathema. Most ordinary Americans have their own skeletons in their closets. Why should we expect our elected officials to be angels? I’m not condoning immoral behavior, but I’m just saying that it’s not the end of the world if one of our candidates turns out to be the GOP-version of Bill Clinton. At least Clinton could charm the pants off voters.

Well anyway, these are just some of my ideas, but it’s something to think about and debate. The Democrats can only give voters hope, while Republicans offer real solutions.

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written by , February 09, 2013

Obama has made a personal goal to destroy the Republican Party & it appears that the Republicans are unknowningly helping him.

Republicans need to get back to average American needs instead of corporate control.

written by Bill Marvel , February 09, 2013

Nope.It's the message.

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